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Were You Loved from Birth or Not & Why Does This Matter?

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As an Energy Healer this question has often popped up, especially when my clients used to shift out of an issue quicker than me! This seemed crazy to me, as I knew that the energy work I was doing on myself each day was so much powerful than what many of my clients were doing, so how could they possibly shift quicker than me?Well in this instance, it wasn't about the amount or quality of energy work being done, so what was going on?When I looked at this in more detail it came down to what energy we had stored...

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All You Need is Love!

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How much better would be all FEEL if we felt Totally, Unconditionally Loved? You would feel amazing! Happy to be alive, full of life and radiating Love out to the rest of the World! It is our Spirit or Soul that determines how happy we feel. If is filled with Pure Love, then we Feel Enlivened - our spirit feels alive - and our life is great!     When we don’t feel full of love and put ourselves down and allow others to put us down, then our spirit feels heavy and life is a struggle. We may have some...

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