Remote Monthly Pure Transmissions

I offer recurring monthly plans for my Remote Pure Transmissions on my network, for week day Pure Transmissions and an infused image post to inspire and uplift you!

These recurring plans include the following transmissions, or you can purchase a single month here on my website, which is energy work only, without access to my network and infused image posts. 

Recurring Monthly Subscriptions 

Here are links to sign up for my monthly subscriptions and my group for the weekday infused posts.

If you have any questions then please email prior to purchasing.

You will receive an email 3 days prior to renewing, where you can choose to cancel if you want to. 

Pure Love to Your Heart  - £11

Pure Love to Your Body - £11

Pure Stillness to Your Mind  - £11

Pure Stillness to You Adrenals & Nervous System - £11

Pure Light & Truth to Your Soul - £11

Pure Light & Truth to Your 3rd Eye - £11 

More information and to see my Bundles to save money and Gift Transmissions for loved ones.