How I Healed Myself of Adrenal Fatigue


Adrenal fatigue can be very difficult heal, as in my experience, most doctors don't seem to know it exists!

It took me most of my life of feeling ill and exhausted on and off to even get a diagnosis, which came through a naturopath, after having no success with medical doctors. 

I'd like to share my experiences of how I healed myself from adrenal fatigue, because this illness is affecting so many.


First, I'll share common symptoms which are a good indication that someone has adrenal fatigue. There alot of information about the symptoms of adrenal fatigue on the internet, so if you have these symptoms then you most likely have an adrenal imbalance.

  • Difficulty getting up in the morning
  • Feeling tired for no reason
  • Feeling exhausted after physical effort
  • Inability to handle stress
  • Feel overwhelmed easily
  • Mood swings especially when hungry
  • Mild depression
  • Sleep issues, irregular sleep pattern
  • Overuse of stimulants like caffeine
  • A weak immune system
  • Very sensitive to bright lights and loud noises
  • Weight gain
  • Bloating and candida symptoms in abdomen
  • Constipation
  • Brain fog, difficulty in focusing
  • Aching muscles
  • Dark circles under eyes
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Low thyroid function

My diagnosis came through a saliva test through a naturpath. It was good to finally get a diagnosis as so many doctors had made me feel I was making this up! You don't need to get an official diagnosis to heal yourself, if you resonate with the symptoms then I recommend you keep reading about how I healed myself!

I believe there are three main aspects to healing yourself from adrenal fatigue and these are:

  1. Energy work - releasing the energetic causes of the illness
  2. Nourishing your physical body - your body is weak and depleted
  3. Nourishing your spirit and feelings - you need to really love and nurture yourself!

Energy Work to Heal Adrenal Fatigue


Since your physical body and emotional state are so depleted and drained, the first thing you need to do is to give yourself a boost of energy!

I really recommend that you do lots of filling with Pure Love and Light to raise your vibration before doing any releasing energy work. One of my new audios will also really help you, Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness, which is really calming the mind and reducing stress, which will help to rebalance the adrenals that are so out of balance.

Once you start to feel calmer and feel some peace and stillness in your mind, you can then start to work on releasing the energies causing the adrenal fatigue. I do have a Releasing Adrenal Fatigue, Candida, Weight Gain Package that I specifically designed from my experiences of working on myself and all the aspects of adrenal fatigue. 

As well as doing this releasing energy work on the causes of the illness, I also did a huge amount of tie cutting, going back through my whole life, cutting ties to everyone I had known and especially working hard on anyone who had upset me or tried to control me in anyway. Cutting ties is such essential energy work for everyone, but is particularly needed for anyone with low energy or not feeling well. How much of what you're feeling is yours and how much is due to being connected energetically to others?  I have an audio for Cutting Ties to help people with this essential energy work.

Nourishing Your Physical Body

If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue then your immune system is depleted and your body will be depleted of essential vitamins and minerals.

There are so many toxins in our food and water that it can be difficult to get all the nutrients that our body needs. You will find much information on the internet about vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements that you need to heal adrenal fatigue. I tried most of them and it can become hard to know what is helping and what is not!

I know from research I've done that magnesium is essential for our bodies to function properly and that most people are magnesium deficient as it missing in the soil and farming processes and so there isn't much in our food unless you're eating organic. I feel that magnesium is really needed to heal and if you only choose one thing to add to your diet then I would recommend it to be magnesium. You can also use magnesium oil as a supplement or to rub into your skin and this is a great way to add extra magnesium without having any supplement coatings or bulking agents, which your body really doesn't need to be processing!

Diet is so so important and you will read much on the internet about what to eat and not eat, especially for candida. I was advised to cut out the following to get rid of candida:

Refined sugars - replace with coconut sugar, molasses etc
Refined flours - replace with rye flour, oat flour etc
Caffeine - try de-caff coffee instead and cut out cola drinks & energy drinks
Processed foods & fizzy drinks
Dairy products

I followed the advice I was given and just cut out the whole of the above and wow was the 'die off' horrendous! Since I have learnt that this is not the best way to get rid of candida because starving the candida causes them to go into an emergency panic mode to increase more candida, which gives this massive 'die off' symptoms and starts an internal war inside you! I would therefore recommend a slow cutting down of the above foods so the candida is not triggered into a crazy frenzy of multiplying and making things worse!

I now eat a plant based diet, mainly organic when possible and I feel the most healthy in terms of diet that I have ever felt. If you do eat meat then please do be aware that the animal farming process puts so many anti-biotics into animals these days and you will be consuming all these drugs will will be draining your immune system, liver and internal organs. This applies to dairy products too. I was told that I would not get enough nutrients if I was vegetarian or vegan, but this information is not true, I believe that a plant based diet is the healthiest one we can eat.

You do need to follow what feels right for you and make any changes slowly so your body can adapt easily without too much detox, die off and other symptoms happening.

Nourishing Your Spirit & Feelings

Feeling tired, drained and exhausted all the time takes it's toll on your emotions and most people suffering from adrenal fatigue will have periods of feeling depressed, because it is so draining and soul destroying living with no energy for life!

We really do need to nourish our spirit and soul and that means doing lots of things that make us feel good! Try and do something each day that brings a smile to your face or even better has you laughing! Now I have experienced times where I have felt there is nothing to laugh about, so if you're feeling that then I understand and go for what warms your heart? Images of kittens, puppies or babies? Connect to things that bring you pleasure.


It is important to really love and nurture yourself. I was quite shocked to find out how much I was beating myself up and not loving and supporting myself when i was writing Loving You - Discover Your True Inner Self. All this information about how to love and support yourself was flowing to me for the book and I was hit on several occasions with the feeling that I'm not doing that, wow, I need to do that or I"m not walking my talk!

One of the things that really hit home for me from Loving You was to treat yourself as you would your best friend. Do you do that or are you more like I was, beating myself up all the time, whilst being super kind and caring to everyone else!

It is doing all of the above that have resulted in me healing the very severe adrenal fatigue that I had. There were several occassions in my life when I felt too weak and ill to lift a spoon or fork to eat and a few times when I thought my body was just going to give up on me and I was going to die. Fortunately that didn't happen and I am now able to share how I recovered with other people!

It does take determined effort to recover from any serious illness and there is no quick fix when your mind, body and spirit has been depleted for many years. However, doing the above makes a huge difference and will put you on the road to recovery and looking back at how my life was, it is a journey that is well worth taking.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the above or how any of this can help you then please do email me. I know how soul destroying it is to live feeling this exhausted all the time, so I am here to help and support you.