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Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness

Learn how to Float into Realms of Pure Stillness.           Imagine no mind chatter in your head! 

Energy Tips 1 - Peace & Stillness

Learn how to feel Pure Peace & Pure Stillness and how to 'float' your energy.

Energy Tips 2 - Releasing Fear

Learn how to Disconnect from & Release fear and 'fear grids'. 

Energy Tips 3 - Weather & Trauma

Releasing Weather / Releasing & Disconnecting from stored trauma.

Energy Tips 4 - More about energy

Overview of energy - Pure/evil.  Filling, Releasing, Clearing & Disconnecting.

Energy Tips 5 - How to Channel Energy

4 different methods to channel Energy! Notice what you Feel!

Stop the destruction of our planet!

Stop pipelines, fracking, water pollution, deforestation, bees, geo-engineering.