Routines for Daily Energy Work

Many people really don't know where to start when the first learn about energy work, so I have put together some suggested schedules for you to give you an idea of what is the minimum energy work needed to feel fit, well and thriving in our current global energies and what you may need if you are a healer working to help others, or feeling attacked.

Minimum Daily Routine

If life is a struggle then you need to do more energy work every day!

AM - Cleanse your energy & Fill for your day ahead!

Releasing / Disconnecting - Listen to one audio every few days, or every day when your energy can deal with this

Filling Audios - Do as much Filling of Pure & Divine Energies as you can without feeling any releasing. .

Floating Audios - Start with one a day 

PM - Cleanse your energy from your day & Fill for a peaceful night's sleep

Suggested Looping List for On Going Protection 

All my audios work on silent so you can loop them (play on continuous playing, there will be icon in your player to do this)

These audios are recommended for looping.

  • Pure Source Light Protection
  • Floating above spells and curses
  • Filling with Pure Love / Filling and Floating into Pure Love
  • Filling with Pure Light / Filling and Floating into Pure Light
  • Clearing Audios - Super Clearing Transmission, Float Clear Transmission,
  • Clearing Audio - Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms  - (althought this audio is named a disconnecting audio, it is disconnecting from the releasing symptoms that happen when too much energy is releasing at once, so it is a clearing audio and can be looped once you are used to it. You will receive listening guidelines for this and all my audios after purchase)

Example Looping List

  • Pure Source Light Protection
  • Clearing for Intense Energies (or another Clearing audio)
  • Floating above spells and curses
  • Filling and Floating into Pure Love
  • Empath Audios
  • Clearing for Intense Energies
  • Filling and Floating into Pure Light

Placing these audios in a playlist in this order and playing on loop 24/7 on silent will really help to keep your energy protected, safe, clear and raising your vibration to 'Float Above the Chaos!'

You can listen to (through headphones with intention will be more powerful and effective) Floating, Releasing and Disconnecting Audios seperate from this list if you have two devices, or swap whilst doing this and return to the looping list afterwards.  

Please note that your audios will affect others in the same room, so please do be aware of this as looping is very powerful and could cause releasing on someone who is not doing energy work themselves. 

Do not loop releasing or disconnecting audios.

(Looping is playing continously on repeat.)

Energy Work for Healers / Light Workers

If you are doing healing energy work then you need to do lots of energy work on yourself every day to maintain a high vibration. When doing healing work on others or the world your energy is connecting to low and dark energies. If you are not clearing this out daily then you are collecting and your vibration is being lowered by every client you work on!

Daily clearing out is the minimum, if you are wanting to give your clients the best energy session you can then you need to clear all energies picked up AFTER EVERY CLIENT and before working on your next client. When healers don't do this they can pass on dark energies from one client to the next client and this is obviously not acceptable!

Another way to avoid this happening is to play the loop list above with my empath audios included in it, so you are not collecting any energies from your clients as you work on them. 


Play the loop list above on silent 24/7 and listen to one of the following once a day:

  • Disconnecting from dark, Floating into Light 
  • Cutting ties and bonds
  • Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness / Pure Heaven to keep your vibration as high as possible!

Energy Work to be Free of Matrixes & Evil Control

Quite a task to take on and does need lots of dedicated energy work daily! This is a minimum starting guide!

Play the loop list above on silent 24/7 and listen to one of the following once a day:

  • Disconnecting from dark, Floating into Light 
  • Disconnecting from Fear
  • Disconnecting from Mind Control
  • Cutting ties and bonds

More audios / programs are available for Connect with Michelle members

A Powerful Routine for Disconnecting Energy Work

Here is a routine that will make your disconnecting energy work easier to do and more powerful:

  • Listen to Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness
  • Listen to your disconnecting audio
  • Listen to your clearing audio
  • Listen to Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness

This will raise your vibration as high as possible before starting the disconnecting energy work, which will make it easier to cut through and disconnect. The clearing afterwards is most needed to not feel the energies leaving and playing Pure Stillness again afterwards really helps to shift out the releasing energies and raises your vibration again, which will have dropped during the disconnecting as these energies were leaving.

Listening through headphones is more powerful.

Do check out my Q & A page for answers to questions you may have.