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Releasing Severe Weather

This is a powerful audio to release the energies causing and creating severe weather.

Please do share this audio and play it often, especially when you are aware of extreme weather going on and send the energy to the area in need at the time.

It is powerful energy work, with multi-layers and silent backing tracks that are clearing the energies, so please don't listen whilst driving or needing your full focus.

Filling the World with Divine Energies

I have recorded this audio to help raise the vibration of the world and those stuck in low vibrations.

You can download this audio below, please do play it as much as possible and share with all your friends and family.

The more this audio is played, the quicker the vibration of the world is raised for us all to benefit from.


Releasing PTSD

I have recorded 'Releasing PTSD' to help war veterans and those feeling huge shock, trauma and despair.

It will work on any time of trauma and shock, but I felt help for war veterans was much needed, so please do share this page with anyone you know who is suffering with these issues.


Feeling Despair in the Holidays

Whilst holidays can be a very happy time of celebration for most people, there are many people who find this a very lonely and upsetting time, when they can feel isolated and in despair.

This audio has been recorded to give energetic support to those feeling these emotions, during holidays or any time of the year.