Be Energetically Free from the Slavery of Money!

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Be Energetically Free from the Slavery of Money! Quite a title or statement and I guess the place to start with this is to share how and why we are energetically enslaved by money!     First of all we are all connected in energy and through physical means also. The monetary system that we have, ie physical money and the banking system is run with an evil intention to take more and more money off the hard working people to give to the rich and elite. This is not a good energy to be connected to and if you...

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Are You Under Spells & Curses?

As I work more and more with people who are experiencing struggle and issues in some area of their lives, the more it seems that spells, curses and black magic will pop up as being a cause of some of these issues. It therefore seems to me that starting to release and eliminate spells and curses is a really good starting point and not what to do when nothing else has worked which is what usually tends to happen!     Many people do ask me:  "How do I know if I have spells, curses or black magic on me?"...

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Mass Mind Control affecting Humanity

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The amount of mind control that we are all under is quite unbelievable! Even when we are aware that this exists and the whole of humanity is under mind control that doesn't stop us from being affected by all the mind control that is going on, because there is so much hidden control and so much that has been programmed into us from birth, that it just seems normal to us!     Here are some of the ways that humanity is affected by mind control: Mind programming from our upbringing and life Global matrixes for health, money, relationships, fears...

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Fear and How it Affects Us

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I love watching different Truth videos and finding out more about what is going on in our human world. Everyone has different talents and gifts that they bring to the world and there are some amazing Truth seekers out there doing some amazing fact finding and checking to share Truth with us. When there is a common theme between all Truth speakers, regardless of the aspect of Truth they are talking about then you know that is a really important issue! What all Truth seekers have in common is they will all talk about the polarity or duality of fear...

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Grounding - Why is it taught?

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Grounding is so very widely taught in the spiritual world, but why? I can remember being told when I first came to spiritual work that I had to ground before doing any energy / spiritual work and this was done by placing your feet flat on the ground and connecting to earth and to imagine or feel  like I had roots growing out of my feet, like the roots of a tree going into earth. Well I tried doing this, like I was told to, and I didn't really get it and didn't see the point in it, so I didn't...

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