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If you've read my book Loving You, then you will remember that I talk about us having an inner diamond that is our Pure true selves, and typing this now, I feel pretty impressed that I wrote and knew that when I was writing Loving You because it is so true.

I have to say that I didn't fully understand the depth of what I was saying back then and so I'm going to explain this in more detail, because it is really important that we know and do fully utilise this awareness to our advantage.

So the Pure inner diamond that I spoke about in Loving You is our inner most Pure and Divine version of ourselves, Our purity before evil was created and before we were attacked and  our energy was 'changed'. This purest and most Divine version of ourselves is our frequency signature and that Pure Frequency Signature cannot be changed, it is there inside of us now, but has had layers and overlays and all sorts done to it so that we don't feel our Pure Frequency Signature and are not radiating it to ourselves and the world.

To explain this with a visual example I had the image of the piano come into my mind, with 'middle C' being the centre of the piano, To the left of the middle C, we have the lower notes, so this is where the dark resides and operates and to the right of middle C, the higher notes, is where the Light and higher realms are.

For this visualisation, we'll say that your current energy is middle C, but your true Pure Frequency Signature is way higher up the musical scale in the higher notes, but you don't know where, just that it's up there somewhere!

Because we are seeing and feeling ourselves as middle C, then we think that we are middle C, until we have the awareness that we are a Light Soul and our energy is much higher and more powerful than what we currently are.

As we do releasing energy work we are letting go of layers and overlays that have been hiding our true Pure Frequency Signature from ourselves and the world, and lowered it down the musical scale. So this releasing of layers changes us from being a middle C to moving up the scale to a higher note, so now we are a D, then an E etc. So we have our True Inner Pure Frequency Signature that never changes, but is being blocked from radiating out and the frequency that we are seeing and feeling in our physical life that does change depending on what we are doing and what energies are acting on us and affecting us.

Energies that we live in and are around us, so family, friends, work, what we do most days are all effecting our physical energy signature. When we make a big change this will have a big impact on our physical energy signature, such a moving out of a home or job that you don't like, or leaving an abusive relationship, these will really raise your physical energy signature a lot.

When we have been attacked psychically, these attacks are on our physical body energy signature, because the dark cannot connect to or reach our True Inner Pure Frequency Signature.

As we raise our physical body signature the dark cannot find us in that signature anymore, we are no longer middle C, we are now a D or an E, so all attacks sent to middle C will not hit us and this is how releasing and disconnecting is so powerful, along with changing your physical environment and abusive energies in your life. To really be out of the dark's reach we need to shift up the scale an octave, so move from middle C to the C higher than middle C etc - timeline jumping.

The dark operates lower than middle C, so all those tricks, voices, monitoring, spying, binding, energy harvesting, attacking is to lower your physical energy to be in their domain and as low as possible. They want you in low emotions, depression, despair, hopeless, frustration etc, and that is why it's so powerful to 'Fill and Float' our energy to keep it as high as possible, as well as to not react when the dark / agent Smith's in our life are doing anything and everything to trigger us into lower energies.

As we raise our physical energy and the dark cannot find us where we were, they go a bit loopy and do anything and everything to try and find us. If we only shifted a bit then some of their tricks and tactics can reach us, trigger us and then our energy has lowered and once in their domain we are like a ping pong ball being batted around by the dark, feeling out of control of our lives and everything is pointless, because in that frequency it is.

When we can raise our frequency and keep it high and then go even higher, we become way above what the dark can reach. They will still do their tricks and tactics to try and find us and lower our energy, but it never reaches us, and we are finally in control our lives and destiny. (In case you're wondering, those attacks that can't reach us could end up hitting someone else in the frequency that we were in.)

I hope that explains Frequency Signature, attacks and raising your frequency to be above the attacks in a clear way for you so that you really know what is going on and are on board with the importance of Filling and Floating your energy.

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