Energy Healing Methods

Learn more about different methods of channeling energy and how they can help you. You will benefit more from energy work if you understand these different ways of using energy and combine them to have the greatest positive impact for you!

You can feel and experience how energy channeling actually works at the end of this video!

Filling and Clearing can be done anytime and doing this before and after listening to a releasing audio will enhance the experience.

Floating is raising your vibration into a higher frequency than it is in. It is very powerful, profound and beautiful!

Transmissions are best listened to later in the day or when needing a deep relaxation.

Disconnecting is my newest energy work and is the most powerful and profound!

There are many different ways of working with energy. Here are the energy methods that I use in my audios and remote energy work:

* Filling Audios
* Releasing Audios
* Clearing Audios
* Floating Audios
* Divine Transmissions
* Disconnecting Audios

If you are new to my work and aren't sure where to start then I do recommend starting with 'Filling Audios or a Divine Transmission.' If you'd like some advice then please do email me!

Each type of audio has specific listening requirements, so please do follow the guidelines below:


Filling Audios


If you are new to my work then filling is a really good place to start!

We also need to fill after doing releasing energy, after the unwanted energies have been released and cleared away we then have some space for new energy, so we really want to fill this space with good energy as soon as possible so no bad energy can creep back in!

The more we fill with Pure and Divine energies, the more the Law of Attraction will work for us. We can only attract what we have stored in us, so if we want more love then we need to fill with Pure Love so we can attract.

Listening Instructions

We really need to do lots of filling! If you have a super excited and impatient personality that likes to do loads, then please do lots of filling and clearing of the energies and go slow with the releasing audios! You can play the filling audios on silent loop also, although I would listen to them and get used to them first before looping them.


Audios include the following categories / packages:

  1. Filling Packages & all audios called Filling
  2. Music Audios

Releasing Audios


Energy Releasing is a method of letting go of all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and patterns that are not allowing us to be our True Inner Selves and living the life we desire.

When we are doing releasing work we are getting rid of those energies that are not working to make us feel good, so all those false thoughts and beliefs like I’m not good enough, no one values me, I’m useless and no good, I can’t earn lots of money, I’ll never have enough and so on.

We cannot move into happier higher vibrational living with so many negative energies and patterns running, so doing releasing work is removing these energies from our mind, body, spirit and energy field, so they are no longer working against us.

Listening Instructions

Releasing audios are very powerful and will work on deeper layers each time you listen so please only listen to one releasing audio a day.

If you over listen then more energy will release than can be cleared and you will feel the releasing energies as a healing crisis or revisiting all the negative emotions as they leave.

Releasing Audios include the following categories / packages:

  • Cleansing Package
  • Core Beliefs Package
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Lifestyle
  • Light & dark
  • Self-Love
  • Live calls and call replays

Clearing Audios


After we have done releasing energy work telling the unwanted energies to leave our energy we need to make sure that the energies leave our whole energy field and are sent back to source so we cannot feel them and they can’t sneak back in!

If we do too much releasing, or it works much deeper on some issues than we expected then we can feel overwhelmed as all the energies leave us but don’t fully clear.

My clearing audios are designed specifically to clear all the energies that are hanging around and not clearing direct to source. They are multi-layered so there are many layers of energy work all being done to really clear the excess released energies out super quick!

My Clearing Audios are:

  1. Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms Audio
  2. Float Clear Transmission
  3. Super Clearing Transmission

The newest and most powerful clearing audio is my Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms Audio, which is once the 'disconnecting' has taken place reduces feeling the releasing energies so much. If you are new to my work then this audio is a must, so much so that it has now replaced all previous clearing audios!

Listening Instructions

Clearing audios can be played as much as you like and can be looped 24/7. I recommend you listen before, during and after doing releasing work and keep looping them if you are feeling the energies leaving.

They work on silent and will give an extra boost if you listen through headphones.

Audios include the following categories / packages:

Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms Audio
Empath - please read audio page for more information
Protection Audio - (listen just once first and build up to looping)
Spells & Curses - (listen just once first and build up to looping)


Floating Audios


If you are looking to really raise your vibration in the most beautiful and profound way then 'Floating' is the most amazing way I know to do this!

This energy work is very Light, high, Pure and feels so amazing. You do feel like your energy is being lifted or made lighter and you will feel relaxed and blissed out afterwards, so I recommend you listen when you have time to chill afterwards!

Listening Instructions

The floating audios will have you feeling blissful and spaced out so please listen when it is ok for you to relax and just enjoy these beautiful feelings! Start off slowly, just one audio a day and you can build up as you become used to these amazing high energies!

Find a comfortable place to relax, close your eyes and enjoy this amazing experience!

Audios include the following categories / packages:

  • Float Clear Transmission
  • Floating to Heaven Transmission
  • Floating & Being Your Mind, Heart & Soul
  • Floating into Being

Divine Transmissions


My transmissions are longer audios designed to really relax you, fill you with lots of Pure Energies and take you on a journey into a higher vibration where you can really start to feel the beautiful energies and enjoy relaxing and feeling the tingles and lovely experiences!

Listening Instructions

They are powerful and it is best to listen to my transmissions when you have plenty of time to relax, unwind and just enjoy the flowing and floating into beautiful Pure Energies!

Audios include the following categories / packages:

Divine Transmissions - (although they may also be a Clearing Audio or Filling Audio)


Disconnecting Audios


After having spent many years doing energy work I have found that some issues are incredibly stubborn and just don't seem to want to fully clear out and dark energies would have to be in this category along with feeling the energies as they release and go.

Disconnecting energy work is cutting yourself off from the supply, so if you don't charge your phone then it will not work and this is the principle for disconnecting. Sometimes we seem to be 'plugged into' a continuous supply of unwanted energies so we need to 'unplug' ourselves so we can be free.

When we have fully disconnected from something, released any remaining energies stored in us and filled with Pure Energies then we will be free from this energy and will no longer attract it into our lives.

Audios include the following categories / packages:

  • Disconnecting from Addictions
  • Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms
  • Disconnecting from Grief, Upset & Sadness
  • Disconnecting from Fear
  • Disconnecting from Lack of Wealth
  • Disconnecting from Mind Control
  • Disconnecting from Dark, Floating into Light

Listening Instructions

Disconnecting audios will need to be played a lot to work. I recommend you listen once and see how you feel and then slowly build up to looping them. Please do use my Super Clearing or Float Clear Transmissions when doing disconnecting work, unless you have already used the 'Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms Audio'.

They work on silent and will give an extra boost if you listen through headphones.


Do check out my Q & A page for answers to questions you may have.


All my audios are very powerful so please do not listen to them when driving or needing your full focus. Some people do fall asleep when listening to my energy work, especially my live calls and replays, so please do ensure you are safe to listen before playing them.