To Forgive or to Accept - What is the Difference?

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There is so much programming around forgiving and this is and has caused so many people much inner turmoil, myself included, that I wrote a blog article that you can read on this blog called '   Am I a Bad Person if I Can't Forgive Someone?' You may find it enlightening to read that article first, if you haven't already, to know why I believe that forgiving is the wrong message for really evil acts. When someone is feeling shock, disbelief, trauma and huge upset from a very disturbing event that has happened and affected them or people close to them...

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Pure Flows!

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I was typing one of my daily posts for my membership group and it sort of wandered and evolved into something that felt important and like it needed sharing wider than my group so here it is! I'm also feeling that it would be good to have a discussion on the matrix, grids, webs and all these energies that are keeping us anchored in - what are you feeling when you read this? I did some powerful energy work on twin flame connections last night, doing 'un-grounding' and that was HUGE!! I know many people teach grounding and many are...

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Do You Take on Board Negative Comments?

I used to do this all the time, especially if I was aware that there was some element of true in the comment, even though I knew it was a destructive thing to do, I just didn't seem to be able to separate my feelings, hurt and upset from the comment.The more this happened the more negative comments, low emotions and bad energy I absorbed like a sponge soaking up water from a dripping tap, until you reach the point of overflow and trust me being overfilled with bad energy, low vibrations and negativity is not a place you want...

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What if you just don't feel grateful?

We are hearing so much about being grateful and how we need to be grateful for our lives to improve and for us to attract good to us, and this is so true, but what if you just don't feel any gratitude at all?   Well I totally get this, because I have been in the situation and more than once! and then I would bad and guilty that I couldn't feel any gratitude and would think I must be a really uncaring ungrateful person to not be grateful for anything in my life - but that's not quite true!...

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Were You Loved from Birth or Not & Why Does This Matter?

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As an Energy Healer this question has often popped up, especially when my clients used to shift out of an issue quicker than me! This seemed crazy to me, as I knew that the energy work I was doing on myself each day was so much powerful than what many of my clients were doing, so how could they possibly shift quicker than me?Well in this instance, it wasn't about the amount or quality of energy work being done, so what was going on?When I looked at this in more detail it came down to what energy we had stored...

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