All You Need is Love!

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How much better would be all FEEL if we felt Totally, Unconditionally Loved?

You would feel amazing! Happy to be alive, full of life and radiating Love out to the rest of the World! It is our Spirit or Soul that determines how happy we feel. If is filled with Pure Love, then we Feel Enlivened - our spirit feels alive - and our life is great!



When we don’t feel full of love and put ourselves down and allow others to put us down, then our spirit feels heavy and life is a struggle. We may have some days, when we think everything is alright, but then life boomerangs back to the bad old stuff and we feel stuck in the negative again.

To have a Happy, Enlivened Spirit we need to feed our soul lots of beautiful Love Vibrations, so that our soul is alive and communicating to us, and we are connected to is and able to hear the messages and follow the life that our soul knows will make us happy!

Energy releasing and high energy love transmissions can release all the unwanted negative emotions, programs, beliefs and patterns we are storing inside our mind, body, spirit and energy field. It is the quickest and most powerful way I have found of turning your life around from stuck in illness, despair, lack and so on, to a life of fun, excitement and success that has true meaning, not the shallow success that constantly needs approval.

If you want to change your life for the better and Feel Total Unconditional Love for Yourself, then receiving daily Pure Love Transmissions will really help you to shift and raise your vibration.  Sometimes we really need some extra outside help to make a real positive change, as Einstein discovered, a problem cannot be changed with the same energy it was created, so receiving Higher Vibrations from a Divine Energy Channel is the perfect way to dissolve and move out of your problems.

Do you love yourself?  - Because love starts with ourselves.  

I wrote Loving you because so much of the energy work I was doing for people came back to us not feeling loved!

Loving You contains powerful energy work, releasing statements and has been written to actually change your energy as you are reading - super cool!

So check it out, it could be just the thing you need to create positive change in your life.

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