Hidden Forces & Law of Attraction

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Do You Feel Like there are Hidden Forces are Working Against You?

I hear from so many people that they have been working on their energy for many many years, but still aren't where they want to be, still not feeling that Happy for no Reason Feeling and still feeling stuck, trapped or being stopped by some hidden forces.



So are there hidden forces working against you? 

To answer this question, I'd like you to imagine that the whole of your mind, body, spirit, energy field and all past lives are an iceberg. There is the 1/3 above the water line that we can feel and then there is the hidden 2/3 below the water line that we can't see. It is this hidden 2/3 below the water line that causes all the issues for those of us who have been working so hard to clear our energy fields and raise our vibrations. All the work we have been doing has been on the top 1/3, because we know that it there, but the bigger hidden 2/3 hasn't been worked on because - well it's hidden and we don't know it's there!

We have all heard that everything is energy and that all energy has a vibration, which is backed up by lots of science and quantum physics. Dr David Hawkins also did much research on different vibrations in relation to our human consciousness and actually devised a scale of human consciousness ranging from 1-1,000. 

To make this concept simple and easy to understand, which is how I like things to be! Then everything that exists is either a high vibration or a low vibration - this includes solid items we can see and touch, and also invisible energy such as feelings and emotions. So we are constantly connecting with other energies and vibrations all day long every day.


The Universe operates by the Laws of the Universe

This is true whether we believe in it or not - if you're not sure about this then take the Law of Gravity - do you think your beliefs, hypnosis or any other human beliefs and energies are going to stop you from falling if you jump off a bridge?  The answer is of course NO! The Laws of the Universe are so much more powerful than us humans and are beliefs.


How the Law of Attraction effects Us and our Energy Field

Now this is where The Law of Attraction comes in and is so important, because it states that -  Like Attracts Like So whatever vibration we are or have stored in our energy field will attract vibrations of a similar frequency.

Ie. if we have anger stored in our energy field anywhere then that will attract more anger to us. If we have gratitude and thanks stored in our energy then we will attract more gratitude and thanks to us.

So going back to the hidden 2/3 of our iceberg, what emotions, beliefs and vibrations are stored here, will attract more of the same. The denser these the energy of these vibrations then the stronger they will attract.

To make this easier to understand, let's imagine that all the low vibrations that we don't want are black magnets and all the high vibrations that we do want are white magnets - (shown as yellow hearts in the picture below), and that our energy fields are like a spider's web, that connects throughout the whole of our mind, body, spirit, energy field and past lives, but also connecting to all other energies we come into contact with throughout each day, as well as all the stored energies that we have connected with in the past, throughout all life times. It's not hard to imagine that we will have lots of black magnets stored in our energy field, especially in the hidden 2/3 of the iceberg, which we have worked on, as we didn't know it was there, or just didn't have the means or power to access these energies and get rid of them.

So if you look at the pictures below, you can see a very visual image of how our energy field can look if it is filled with black magnets or cleared of black magnets allowing our Pure Inner Selves to Shine through.


Which Energy Field Do You Want? Full of Love & High Vibes, or Heavy & Low Vibes?


"Everybody is like a magnet. You attract to yourself reflections of that which you are. If you're friendly then everybody else seems to be friendly too."  Dr David R Hawkins


The law of attraction is working all of the time, whether we believe in it or not, and knowing that like attracts like - then all your low vibrations, (black magnets) are attracting more black magnets and creating big black masses, and all your yellow hearts are attracting more yellow hearts and creating Pure Love! So the more black magnets you have stored in your energy field the more low vibrations and unwanted events you are attracting into your life.  If you feel stuck in your life, have repeating unwanted patterns, unexpected incidents, accidents and break downs of you belongings, or keep experiencing the same emotions over again and again when you feel you have cleared this, then you have these vibrations stored somewhere in your energy fields. 

You need to release all these unwanted emotions from all of your energy fields, through all layers. This is a huge task, and one which most people are unable to do themselves. It requires high energy Pure Love transmissions to reach, dissolve and release the emotions through all of the layers of our energy fields.

As these low vibrations are released from our energy field and replaced with Pure Love & Joy then we feel lighter, happier and our lives become easier, more in the flow and we start to attract good, High vibrations to us, making the Happy for no Reason Feeling a reality!

So how does my energy work help you to clear you energy fields?

I have the amazing ability to connect to Divine Energies and to use these powerful Source energies to ask for certain emotions, beliefs and vibrations to be released from you energy field, through all the deep hidden layers. 

Many people comment on how powerful and Pure my energy transmissions and releasing work is. 

As Einstein discovered, a problem or issue cannot be resolved with the same energy it was created with. So if you are struggling with your progress then it is probably time to call in a higher power to really blast some of these unwanted black magnets away.


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