Connecting to Our Souls

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Feelings are the language of our Souls!

This is so such a true statement. If you are feeling any negative emotion then that is a message from your soul that it is not happy about something and it would like you to change so that it can feel happy emotions -  so You Can Feel Happy Emotions!

Ignoring your souls communication will result in louder requests, and if we continue to ignore our soul then major life changes will appear in our lives, such as illness, relationship break ups, bankruptcy, redundancy or job changes, or the feeling that everything in our lives is appearing to go wrong!


These are all messages from your soul, giving you an opportunity to change all those vibrations in your life that weren't serving you and were making you unhappy. Often, we arrive at a major turning point in our life, when we need to choose to be happy, listen to our soul, follow our dreams and this usually requires stepping out of the box that society has put you in and wants to keep you in! When you start to make changes, don’t be surprised to get negative responses from some people around you, they are in the box, set in a rut and believe everyone should stay in their box, happy or not!

Choose to be strong, choose to put your happiness over the comments of others - only You Can Live Your Life! Everyone else has the choice to do whatever they want with their life, be miserable, moaning and stuck in a rut is a choice they can make and is a choice they do make without even consciously knowing that they are making it. If you are here, reading this page, then you have a greater awareness. Society tried to put Einstein in a box, but he chose to be true to him and showed the world what a genius he was. Show the world your unique talents, you are more amazing than you think you are!

You CAN be and do whatever you desire to do. You have some obstacles and fears to overcome along the way, that’s just life!  If you choose to follow your heart and listen to your inner guidance, then these issues become easier to deal with. There is lots of help, advice, and support available to help you on your way - you just need to choose to do it!



Your soul desires for you to be HAPPY!

If you listen to your soul and follow it's guidance then you will be happy - it may not look the way you expected, but you will be happier than you were before and your life will continue to improve, especially as you trust and listen more.

Trust your soul knows what you desire, your soul is connected to your inner diamond, hidden underneath all those dark layers and it is also connected to Source Energy! So it really KNOWS! & when you connect you also really KNOW!

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