Remote Pure Transmissions - Pure Light to Your Soul
Michelle Carter Divine Channel

Remote Pure Transmissions - Pure Light to Your Soul

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Feel Empowering Pure Light Flow to Your Soul!

Do You Feel a Strong Powerful Soul Connection? 

Are You Living in the Moment through Your Feelings?

Remote Pure Transmissions - Pure Light to Your Soul

There has never been a more important time to be connected to your soul, to feel discernment and be Divinely guided through the crazy and confusing global shift energies!

Awakening Starts with a Strong Soul Connection!

The more we are feeling our soul connection then the easier it is to:

  • Discern
  • Make good decisions
  • Connect to those in Truth & Integrity
  • Feel your Divine guidance encouraging and supporting you
  • Feeling, seeing and getting messages to show you're on the right path

What is so great about these transmissions is that you just don't have to do anything! You just sign up and be open to receive!

Each WEEKDAY for a month or 1/2 month I will send remote Pure Light Transmission energies to your soul so you can have a more open and stronger soul connection.

These transmissions are great for anyone wanting to feel a stronger soul connection, more guidance and be able to discern more easily. They will also work to raise your vibration and have you feeling lighter and more guided and inspired!

You will receive your Pure Light Transmission remotely each WEEKDAY, so you don't need to do anything after you have signed up, just receive and enjoy feeling these amazing high frequencies!

These transmissions will start on the 1st of each month, and runs calendar monthly.


 Monthly subscription Pure Light to Your Soul Transmissions are available at £11 per monthly, rolling membership.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Almost any effort - just letting your energy work with my energy

Hi Michelle. I have used many of your audios and monthly remote energy transmissions during this spring.
My whole perspective has changed now when I look back when I started. No dramatic single changes but slowly and harmonously turning into my soul, real inner peace and inner strength.
When I compare what e.g. used to upset me, there’s absolutely no sign of that anymore. People who used to shook my mood - I’m not bothered at all.
I notice that I am more concentrating on my inner self, soul, self love and what is good for me. This is s huge progress without almost any effort - just letting your energy work with my energy.
Thank you so much for all your energy work!

The remote transmissions are magical and I feel them clearly

What can I say? The remote transmissions are magical and I feel them clearly, so that alone for me is something to be amazed about every time and to be thankful for.   
To all the doubters and sceptics, I say : try it and be open.  It's real and Michelle has good reasonable prices.

What you do is incredible and such an inspiration!

Seriously what you do is incredible and such an inspiration.
So needed now and done with such integrity , love and care. You care!
I am proud to have met you and been on this ride with you. Rachel

Getting to know me!

I just completed the month of September receiving the Pure Light energy transmissions from Michelle. I started this in June, receiving the Pure Love and continued in July. For August, I received Pure Stillness. It was wonderful, because each modality I was drawn to was perfect timing. I appreciate how Michelle sends daily emails describing how she is feeling the energy for everyone. I find Michelle to be coming from a truly pure heart and with great integrity! I highly recommend her! I find great peace knowing I am receiving that extra daily support. I'm looking forward to this newest transmission she's offering. I'm ready to explore more authentic ways to express my creativity!