Love & Light - What does this really mean?

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Love and Light 

You may have heard people saying 'Love and Light' and many spiritual people do say this, I do myself, although I'm not keen on the label spiritual!

Why do people say 'Love and Light'? I was copying this saying from other people before I knew the real meaning of it! The reason for saying 'Love and Light' is to renuite the separation between Love and Light.

Love is a very powerful universal energy, but love alone is not healing the world.

Light, which is actually Truth, is also a very powerful energy, and the only defence evil has against Truth is to lie, con, cheat and manipulate.

Those seeing, knowing and feeling The Truth can see the lies and manipulation and have strong soul connection and integrity and will not be silenced and will not be bribed or sell out to evil.

These people are very dangerous to the elite /cabal /deep state and their lies, if the majority knew all the lies then the deep state would not be tolerated. For this reason Truth Speakers get labelled as conspiracists, get ridiculed, persecuted and even killed for speaking and sharing The Truth.

Those connected to Light / Truth cannot be bought, so evil need to stop them another way and 'energetically separating' them from money is a way to try and force them to stop speaking and sharing Truth, so they will just go and get a job to pay the bills. Most Truth Speakers are very determined and have amazing abilities to keep going somehow, trusting that the universe will flow some good to them so they can continue to share their mission to change the world!

The Power of Love

Love is most definitely a very powerful energy.

  • Love heals and we all feel so much better when we feel loved and supported
  • We learn and take in information better when we feel loved and happy
  • We will want to give and help others more when we are feeling loved and supported
  • We are in a very high frequency and just flow love out to the world, especially when we are 'in love'!

Life just flows when you're in love!

We feel like we're floating on clouds and walking on water!

We're blissfully happy, in a very high frequency and only want to see and feel all the good in the world, hence the saying:

Love is blind
Now many people would interpret this to mean that we are 'blinded by love' in who we choose to fall in love with, meaning that love doesn't see physical characteristics, and this is so true, but 'love is blind' goes deeper than this.

Those feeling love have been 'energetically separated' from seeing The Truth.

They literally only want to believe that good exists and will often say and believe the following:

There is no bad
There is no wrong
There is no evil / devil / satan
There is no separation, we are all one
Now this is something that has made me feel so angry in the past, like raving, ranting mad! It is totally beyond my comprehension that a kind, loving person can say the above and cannot see and acknowledge that rape, murder, abuse, slavery and war are all bad, wrong, evil, immoral and are not coming from a Pure frequency.

The way I have calmed my anger over this is with the understanding that evil is intentionally causing separation between the two most powerful energies that humanity has: Love and Light (Truth)

Most Truth Speakers are not only 'energetically separated' from money, but also from sharing 'True Love' with someone physically in their life and so are not experiencing the full power of the Power of Love.

Truth - Soul Connection

Our soul connection is our connection to:

  • The invisible realms
  • Higher knowledge
  • Feeling Truth
  • Feeling Discernment

All of these are really important skills that we need to live our life in Truth with integrity and good morals. Our soul is our compass through all the evil and deception in the world. Without a strong soul connection we are lost and wandering around in the dark. With a strong soul connection we feel Truth, clarity, discernment have guidance and we will give our energy and life to humanity and good causes.


Reuniting Love and Light

I believe that an answer to the issues of humanity and the world is to reunite Love and Light.

When those feeling love can use their 'Power of Love' to Shine Light on Truth


When those knowing Truth can feel and flow the full 'Power of Love' on the lies and evil

Then it will be game over for evil!

Evil can only exist when Love and Light are separated. It has found ways to exist on this planet with love, and other ways to deal with truth, but it has no defence against the full power of Love and Truth working together.

The combined frequencies of Pure Love and Pure Truth will transmute all evil.
Our mission is therefore to unite Pure Love and Pure Truth here on earth.

When we do, we will create Heaven on Earth. 

Sending you Pure Love and Light!



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