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Mass Mind Control affecting Humanity

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The amount of mind control that we are all under is quite unbelievable! Even when we are aware that this exists and the whole of humanity is under mind control that doesn't stop us from being affected by all the mind control that is going on, because there is so much hidden control and so much that has been programmed into us from birth, that it just seems normal to us!     Here are some of the ways that humanity is affected by mind control: Mind programming from our upbringing and life Global matrixes for health, money, relationships, fears...

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Fear and How it Affects Us

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I love watching different Truth videos and finding out more about what is going on in our human world. Everyone has different talents and gifts that they bring to the world and there are some amazing Truth seekers out there doing some amazing fact finding and checking to share Truth with us. When there is a common theme between all Truth speakers, regardless of the aspect of Truth they are talking about then you know that is a really important issue! What all Truth seekers have in common is they will all talk about the polarity or duality of fear...

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Comparison – Do You Compare Yourself to Others?

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I’m pretty sure your answer to this will be a yes! Why, because there is so much external programming that we all come into contact with that is pulling us into comparison and comparing ourselves with others. You could be having a great day and feeling really content and happy, and then something happens that causes you to compare yourself to someone else, and suddenly you feel not as good as someone else, inferior to them, or that you should be doing something different and this is all so so wrong!     Why should what anyone else is doing...

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