Mass Mind Control affecting Humanity

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The amount of mind control that we are all under is quite unbelievable! Even when we are aware that this exists and the whole of humanity is under mind control that doesn't stop us from being affected by all the mind control that is going on, because there is so much hidden control and so much that has been programmed into us from birth, that it just seems normal to us!



Here are some of the ways that humanity is affected by mind control:

  • Mind programming from our upbringing and life
  • Global matrixes for health, money, relationships, fears etc
  • Mass mind programming through TV, media, movies, adverts
  • Global matrixes for integrity, speaking the Truth, sharing good
  • Mass mind programming through symbols and rituals

These forms of mind control put together are huge and can have a profound and hidden affect on us, our beliefs and our lives. Sometimes being aware of the mind control is not enough to stop us from being affected by it and we do actually need to cut ties to this controlling force to be free from it. This is where the powerful energy channeling that I do really works, to cut ties and disconnect you from any of these forms of mind control and the more aware of them you are, the quicker and easier they will be cut so you can be free of them.

Let's look at these forms of mind control in more detail, so we can fully understand what they include and how much they are affecting us and impacting on our lives.

Mind Programming from Our Upbringing and Life

Science has shown that babies are affected by their mother and surroundings whilst in the womb. Babies will react with recognition to music played often when in the womb and some mothers will work to educate their babies through music, language etc before they are born.

This means that the mind programming is starting before we are born and everything we hear as a foetus is being taken in and stored in our energy. If we are being surrounded by shouting, fighting, violence or any negative emotions and energies then we are already taking in that energy prior to birth. 

By the Law of Attraction, we attract our most dominant energy so whatever energies we take in prior to birth and during our early years of life are going to be our most dominant energy and will be shaping our whole life, as we will be attracting more of this energy, most likely without even knowing it. This is why it can be so hard to break family patterns of lack, poverty, abusive relationships, working class beliefs and all other beliefs that we have heard and taken on from family, school and people around us.

All family beliefs, religious beliefs, school beliefs, country beliefs etc will all be programmed into us as being 'normal and right'. It will take an inquiring mind to question all these beliefs because as young children we 'blindly trust' that all the information that adults are telling us is true. Some people will see that this is not so and quite often teenage rebellion can be about seeing the 'untrue beliefs' that have been programmed into us.

The mind programming of course continues with further education, careers, jobs, being expected to be a certain type of person and live a certain type of life. Rarely does being happy come into the equation! Those who question the system will usually be ridiculed and told they are wrong because the intention is for the system to be maintained and for no one to leave the system and be a free thinker!

Global Matrixes for Health, Money, Relationships, Fears

There are huge matrixes for all of humanity to entrap us all in mind programming and negative feelings and beliefs for health, money, relationships, jobs, fears, religion and all aspects of human life. We will be more affected when these are already personal to us. If we have been brought up with a poverty or lack consciousness then we will be really attached and controlled by the global matrixes for lack and poverty, whilst someone being brought up in a wealthy family will not have these connections and mind programming. This is part of the reason why the rich are rich and the poor are poor and the divide is so noticeable. The current energy and programming is working to move the middle class into the lack and struggle matrixes so that the elite have even more money, power and control.



When we are really connected to and being programmed by a global matrix it is very difficult to disconnect from it. Just wanting to be free is usually not enough, as the programming goes so deep and the power in the matrix can be very overwhelming when you are connected to everyone else in the world with this lack, poverty, health, fear programming. You are not just freeing yourself from your own beliefs and energy, you need to be free from the whole of humanity's beliefs and programming for each issue, so quite a task to do alone!

Mass Mind Programming - TV, Media, Movies, Adverts

One of the methods for connecting us to these global matrixes is through TV, media, adverts and movies. The amount of subliminal programming that goes on here is huge!

Lets take the female figure . . . how many women feel they have to have the perfect figure and are not good enough, won't be loved etc if they don't have this perfect figure, which is often photoshopped photos of models and not even a real, attainable figure anyway!

We are programmed which food is good for us and some of the biggest mind programming has to be with eating meat and dairy which is so pumped full of hormones and drugs that are affecting our health and causing illness and disease.

The programming around being 'successful, rich, famous' is also another big one through media, TV etc as well as from schools and education. The more we see others in certain roles then the more we are programmed to be the same.

The 'sheep' programming is huge through all aspects of media, to be in the system and do as everyone else is doing and to not question the system or be unique or a free spirit.

Global Matrixes for Integrity & Speaking the Truth

There are global matrixes in place to stop people from speaking the Truth, following their soul guidance and being in integrity. When someone steps outside the box of society then society and even their own family will really attack them and tell them they are wrong and do all they can to pull them back into the box! It takes a strong and determined soul to keep moving forwards through all this attacking, but fortunately those who feel the Truth are very determined souls and they do keep moving forwards regardless.

When someone feels the Truth then their soul is on fire with passion and this powers them through the bad times. Often there is very little support for those speaking and sharing the Truth, so it is a lonely path to take and all sorts of old and hidden beliefs and programming can pop up to try and take them off their path.

As more people 'Awaken' to feel the Truth then the power in this matrix is going to reduce, making it easier for others to be free of this 'in the box' programming and have the confidence and power to speak out and take action to positively change our world.

Mass Mind Programming through Symbols and Rituals

Now this is a really big one and one that is often very hidden from most people. Even when people are aware of this use of symbols and rituals for mass mind programming and control they are not aware of how powerfully this can be affecting them.

Most people who have learnt about the illuminati symbols will know the number of symbols on a dollar bill. Each of these symbols will be working to have an affect on the person who sees or holds the note, that is huge mind control going on! How many times a day do you see or hold money and notes? This programming isn't limited to money, because the whole money, credit card, banks, earning money system is all connected in a global matrix, so if you use money, credit cards, banks etc then you are connected to this global matrix unless you do the powerful energy work to be disconnected from it.

The monetary system has been designed to keep us all slaves to earning money, and as such it is a very effective system! If we don't earn the money then it is very hard to survive.

Huge programming has been done to place money over empathy, kindness and caring to keep humanity as slaves to money and working as a united empathic whole to find a better way.

Logos are another way that symbolism is being used for mind control and programming. They are everywhere and each 'programmed logo' is sending out a message to our sub-conscious that we would not want to be receiving!

There are many people who are aware of all of this and who are working to create a pollution free world, with natural products and foods and choosing kindness over greed and success.

The mass mind control is not just in money it is affects all areas of our lives. Religion and religious symbols and rituals is huge. Were you baptised? If so then you have mind controlling placed on you from this ritual. There is mind control embedded into all religious practises such as the sign of the cross, confession, (feeling guilty is huge here), facing Mecca and so on. People think they are connecting totally to Pure energy and intentions, but this is being intercepted by evil who are adding their own agenda and low intentions to it, such as poverty and lack consciousness, guilt, judgement, fixed beliefs, following a system and for some thinking any other system is wrong or a threat to them.

The more we all disconnect from all mind control, all global matrixes and grids then the less power these grids and control mechanisms have over anyone.

This is particularly important when we look at the violence and corruption going on in police, military and courts, especially against those speaking out against the system. There is huge mind control going on here and you only have to watch some video footage of recent demonstrations to see the evil programming being used by police against unarmed protestors. People who are feeling their soul, feeling kindness and compassion for humanity just would not behave in this way. This is counter to natural human nature and is totally evil programming.

There are many techniques used to do this programming including subliminal, boot camps, and more concerning is the use of micro chips in humans that can program that person to do anything on command. When you do research on this you can go deep into black goo, chemtrails and many various ways that our natural human nature is being attacked to literally try and make us into human robots that will follow commands without questioning. Scary stuff! Which is why we all need to do all we can to totally disconnect from this whole game and process and be completely free of all types of mind control and mind programming.

To successfully do this we need a very high frequency energy to disconnect us. As Einstein said:

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." 

Meaning that we need a higher energy, higher frequency to change a problem or level of consciousness.

This is where energy channeling is so powerful. There is no power or frequency higher than Pure Source Energy, so using this highest frequency is the most powerful way to disconnect from mind control, global matrixes and evil programming.

Learn more about how to disconnect from mind programming to improve your life and to raise the level of consciousness in the world and free the world from evil mind control.



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