Comparison – Do You Compare Yourself to Others?

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I’m pretty sure your answer to this will be a yes!

Why, because there is so much external programming that we all come into contact with that is pulling us into comparison and comparing ourselves with others.

You could be having a great day and feeling really content and happy, and then something happens that causes you to compare yourself to someone else, and suddenly you feel not as good as someone else, inferior to them, or that you should be doing something different and this is all so so wrong!



Why should what anyone else is doing affect your happiness and contentment? It shouldn’t! . . . .but it can do if we let it!

I have found myself doing this at times and I feel like I am pretty disconnected from the ‘9-5 rat race of life’ so I know it will be affecting others even more.  It can be so easy to be pulled out of ‘Being who we are’. After changing my website and software, I started to receive lots of new emails from these companies advising me on how to grow my list, get more customers, get more sales and so on. This can have us feel like what we are doing right now isn’t enough, and we can be drawn into the ‘ need more and more and more’ energy if we’re not careful and aware.

When you are running a business that is based on-line then there is so much focus on growing your list, (that means having lots of people signed up for your newsletters). If you don’t have a big list and lots of followers then you’re considered to not be successful, which if you in a job is similar to if you’re not earning a big wage and don’t have a fancy job title then you’re not successful, but what is success?

My idea of success is to not be tied down to times and appointments, to be free to walk on the beach or organise my day as I please with no outside restrictions. I have never been money motivated, I feel happy when I know I am helping others and hear what a difference I have made to their lives. 

Going back to comparison, which is so damaging, and is a huge trap for so many people . . . I could focus on trying to be the same or better than other speakers, wanting to have the biggest list possible, maximum sales and become really famous, but what I truly want inside is:

  • Personal freedom to live each moment as I choose
  • To be totally free of all evil and dark forces
  • To bring more awareness and Light to our world
  • To free Light workers and healers from being attacked
  • To help those struggling who want to change their lives and are willing to do the energy work to create that change

I don’t see money, size of list or fame giving me my true desires. Being famous will attract the crowds, but that will bring an overload of people and not quality time with those who will genuinely benefit from my abilities.

Even with this awareness and knowing,  I can still find myself being affected by that magnetic energy trying to pull me into a way of living that is out of harmony with me and who I am and what I most desire to be and achieve!

If you don’t already feel connected to your inner desires then take a few moments to feel what it is you really most desire and what will make you feel happy. Is it really money? Or is it time doing things you love? Does money give you more or less time? Well usually working to earn more money takes up your time, so that is taking you away from your inner desire if this is true for you.



There is HUGE mind programming going on in our world and money is one thing that is designed to totally control us.

What if your time was actually more valuable than money?

What if you spent your day asking ‘ what is the most enjoyable and productive thing I can do right now in this moment?’ and you started to live your life really valuing your time.

We’ve heard that 'the watched kettle never boils', so how about ‘your watched and worried over finances never improve!’

Just as a walk in nature can allow your creativity to flow, then taking your focus off money onto your time can have an equally freeing result! 

You can use powerful energy work to disconnect yourself from mind programming and float into higher realms, and know that this raising your vibration will bring in much more positive results than comparing yourself and feeling not as good as others!

Our purpose for being on earth is to enjoy life, whilst all the mind programming is telling us to work crazy hours and judge and compare ourselves to others. It is time to break this negative pattern and live the lives we desire, doing what we desire! 

These audios Disconnecting from Mind Control and Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness are really great ways to start to live your own true desires and escape the rat race of modern humanity.

Value yourself and value your time!


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