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How To Ascend

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  I'm going to keep the information as simple and factual as possible so that you can share this information with others who have no idea what The Great Awakening, Global Shift, dark to Light is! So that seems like a very good place to start, by explaining what is the energy of the shift from dark to Light and what is going on.   What is The Great Awakening / Global Shift - dark to Light? We need to know that everything is energy that has a resonance or frequency and we can liken this to the musical notes...

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Peace on Earth - How is it Possible?

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I recently wrote an article on Love, Light & Healing for Paris & the Whole World shortly after the terrible shootings that happened there, to share awareness that we can all help create 'Peace on Earth'. The response to this article was mainly very positive and supportive but I did receive some comments of well, scorn and disbelief from one Facebook group I posted in, including a comment that my article was 'lame'. Well I'm sure that many people including the British army thought that the efforts of one Indian man, to free India from British rule were lame, especially as...

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Global Shift - Be Grateful & Forgive - Are You Helping or Judging?

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The energies of the global shift are really intense right now and many are feeling this, with old issues resurfacing to be healed.     This can be an incredibly challenging time for so many, revisiting traumatic issues that they thought they had dealt with. All the vibrations associated with these issues do need to be cleared out to find inner peace and this is done through releasing and letting go of the hurt, pain, upset, trauma, humiliation, grief and any other emotions reminding them of the issue that happened. When someone has a really traumatic experience, what they most need...

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Why are we being fed by a poison expert?

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  I recently watched a short video about Monsanto and Roundup on Facebook by the Undercurrent, and this video ended with: Why Are We Being Fed by a Poison Expert? When we really take in this question the stupidity of it really hits us in the face! Like yes, why are we all being fed by a poison manufacturer, isn't that just too crazy to be real? Many things in life that are being revealed to us are actually feeling too crazy to be real and true and that is of course one of the reasons they get away with...

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Pure Flows!

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I was typing one of my daily posts for my membership group and it sort of wandered and evolved into something that felt important and like it needed sharing wider than my group so here it is! I'm also feeling that it would be good to have a discussion on the matrix, grids, webs and all these energies that are keeping us anchored in - what are you feeling when you read this? I did some powerful energy work on twin flame connections last night, doing 'un-grounding' and that was HUGE!! I know many people teach grounding and many are...

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