Peace on Earth - How is it Possible?

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I recently wrote an article on Love, Light & Healing for Paris & the Whole World shortly after the terrible shootings that happened there, to share awareness that we can all help create 'Peace on Earth'.

The response to this article was mainly very positive and supportive but I did receive some comments of well, scorn and disbelief from one Facebook group I posted in, including a comment that my article was 'lame'.

Well I'm sure that many people including the British army thought that the efforts of one Indian man, to free India from British rule were lame, especially as his intention was to do this through non-violence. The result?? 

Well actually he succeeded - not so lame!



So how did one unknown man, at the time, manage to free India from British rule?

  • Firstly he had huge passion and belief in his mission. He felt the injustice and was powered by this injustice to rectify it. 
  • Next he shared his passion for his mission with others.
  • They also felt the injustice and desired to join him, so now he was no longer just one man with a mission, but a group of people, and this group of people kept on growing.
  • The passion of the group created 'collective energy power' which kept them all inspired and determined to succeed through the tough times.
  • They took action, in a non-violence way, to acquire freedom for India.
  • The determination and persistence of Gandhi and his followers resulted in India eventually being free of British rule.

So what can we learn and gain from Gandhi's success?

  • What many think is impossible is in fact possible.
  • Sharing our passion gives great collective energy which has huge power.
  • The general public can overrule governments and authorities with enough passion and continuous determination.

There are two energies in the world:- evil and pure energy. 

They both have many names, evil, dark, satan, devil and all of these have many guises and are hidden in our human world. 

Pure energy is also known as Divine Energy, Pure Source Light, God, Allah and many other religious names.

The really important thing to know about these two energies is that Pure Energy is natural and just exists. It is a very high vibration and can only be pure, so only emotions such as pure love, joy, happiness, fun, laughter, peace, harmony can come from Pure Energy. Some people think that God allows war, this is not true. Pure Energy is only pure and does not create or allow negative energy in any form.

Evil is not pure and it is not natural and it doesn't have a natural source of energy, it needs to create energy to survive. This is done through creating fear, doubt, lack, poverty, abuse, grief and all low emotions.

Or in the words of Mahatma Gandhi:-

Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment. - Mahatma Gandhi

If the majority of people in the world only felt high, happy emotions then by the Law of Attraction - opposites repel, evil would not be able to exist on earth and would be repelled. This is quantum physics - the laws of the universe.

To create peace in the world, we need enough people to know and believe this to be true and to send Pure Love & Light out to the world and to all areas in need. This may sound like nothing, but the power in invisible energy is huge. Those who are connected to and feel Pure Energy know this and are working very hard to create peace. The more people who add their energy and intention of Peace to the collective energy, then the quicker we will have peace on earth.

Sending energy to governments, military, weapon manufacturers etc will raise their vibration making it harder, by the laws of the Universe to continue to make and support war. For humans to defy a law of the universe is like us thinking we can use mind power or hypnosis to overrule the law of gravity, that if we drop a pen that it won't fall. The law of gravity is SO powerful that there is no human mind power that can out power it.

We can use and direct this amazing Power of the Universe to work for us to create peace. Using the Power of the Universe is like the magical feeling of being in love, life just becomes amazing and we flow love and feel magical. Imagine if half the world was 'in love', real pure unconditional love and radiating this powerful energy out constantly - wow, the world would be in peace!

For so many years, evil has controlled money, finance, governments, education, health, food, water and every area of our lives. When we send Pure Love & Light to these areas and change the controlling power from evil to Love, Light, Peace and Pure Energy, we will create peace on earth and evil will be repelled.

What can you do to help create peace?

  • Do what you love - this keeps you in a high energy and supporting Pure Energy
  • Share the Power of Pure Energy with others
  • Send Pure Love & Light daily to the world, requesting peace on earth, to areas in need and to all in any position of power.
  • Love, honour and value yourself. When you really learn to love yourself you are opening yourself to a higher vibration of Pure Love that raises the vibration of the world, as well as hugely improving your own life.
  • Don't allow yourself to be dragged into fear, doubts and negative emotions, this feeds evil and gives them power. Don't give evil any power, choose Love & Light.
  • Repeat 'Pure Love & Light' many times a day and when in need of a boost.
  • Cleanse your own energy so it becomes easier to feel and be pure emotions.

Peace is not only possible, it is going to happen. 

The majority are fed up and against war. Most don't know what they can do to create peace and feel helpless to governments who are choosing to bomb and create war without caring about the majority and their views.

When the majority work together, mountains can be moved. Governments and huge corporations can be overcome. The majority are against GMOs and change is happening and GMOs are being rejected.

We can work actively as humans to protest and create change and we can also work with energy to invoke the power of the universe and create change through vibrations.

We Are All Unique and We Can All Contribute in Many Ways:-

  • Being kind, caring and compassionate creates a more loving world. 

  • Spread fun, laughter and joy through music, song or any other way.

  • Design inspiring images and photos and share on social media.

  • Speak out, arrange meetings, talks - share how we can create peace.

  • Send energy, prayers to the world for peace every day.


We can all do at least one of the above and when the collective energy of Love, Light & Peace is greater than all the stored evil on earth, we will have peace on earth.

Learn more by reading 'Awaken', the more people who use universal energy to choose Light and Peace, then the quicker we will have 'Peace on Earth'.

Love, Light & Blessings Michelle

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