Global Shift - Be Grateful & Forgive - Are You Helping or Judging?

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The energies of the global shift are really intense right now and many are feeling this, with old issues resurfacing to be healed.



This can be an incredibly challenging time for so many, revisiting traumatic issues that they thought they had dealt with. All the vibrations associated with these issues do need to be cleared out to find inner peace and this is done through releasing and letting go of the hurt, pain, upset, trauma, humiliation, grief and any other emotions reminding them of the issue that happened.

When someone has a really traumatic experience, what they most need is compassion, empathy, understanding and caring support. 

The 'spiritual world' seems to be packed with preaching of gratitude and forgiveness.

When we have an understanding of how energy and vibrations work then it becomes obvious that anyone who is totally drowning in a sea of vibrations of trauma, grief, upset, anger, pain, humiliation,  and feeling judged for having all these emotions is totally unable to connect to the vibrations of gratitude and forgiveness. 

It is like saying to someone who is on the bottom rung of a ladder, just think about being on the top rung and you will magically be there! We all know that to get to the top of the ladder, you need to climb up it one rung at a time. So why then are so many 'healers'  telling those in the lowest of vibrations, needing the most help, to just 'be grateful' or 'forgive', like it is easy, or even possible?

I understand that it may well be easy for them to do this, with their energy field being full of love and high vibrations, but have they ever felt the intensity of low and dark that these people are feeling? 

I very much doubt it, because anyone who has been stuck in that intensity of low, dark, despair and being unable to shift, would have far more compassion, empathy and useful, practical advice than just preaching 'be grateful or forgive !'

Anyone who has lost a loved one in an unexpected massacre, dealing with issues of rape and child abuse, have huge shock and trauma issues to deal with, before they can even start to take on board acceptance, healing and moving forwards. Those living constantly in fear, being attacked, sabotaged, living in war, poverty or without a home have an on going build up of low vibrations that collect in their energy field, attracting more and making it harder and harder for them to shift.

In the words of Einstein:- 

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.” - Albert Einstein

This means that someone who is literally drowning in low emotions and vibrations cannot solve this issue themselves - they need a higher level of energy to lift them out of it. 

This higher level of energy can be genuine, caring, compassion and support from someone who is understanding how they are feeling, along with some physical or energetic assistance to actually change their physical life or the energy they are living in.

They cannot change if their energy doesn't change.

We are in the middle of a huge global shift and that means being totally honest and living through our feelings and compassion. Everyone is different, with different stored vibrations through many lifetimes, and what works for one person may well not work for another.  The energy of someone in high vibrations with lots of money, feeling happy and having no major issues or worries, is so far from the energy of someone in trauma, despair, grief, shock and all the lowest vibrations. 

Someone living  mainly in high vibrations has the energy and tools to shift themselves, this is not the case for people stuck in the lowest energies. They really do need 'outside' high vibrations to lift them out of the dark place they are in.

If you understand energy, then understand that words without caring, compassion and follow up action are meaningless at best and damaging at worst, by making someone in a very vulnerable state feel more judged and useless than they already do.

If you are blessed to be living in high vibrations and feeling all the benefits of gratitude and forgiveness, then I urge you to use your knowledge of 'The Laws of Attraction' - 'Like Attracts Like', to realise that those who are genuinely stuck in low vibrations, trauma, grief and despair cannot just connect to 'gratitude and forgiveness'.

Blind mass preaching of this won't raise their vibration or change how the laws of how quantum physics work. It can however make someone feel they are such a bad person or failure that they can't find gratitude or forgiveness, and these extra low vibrations could be enough to cause them to have an emotional break down or commit suicide. I have been there, and I know that is the effect it can have, so is your intention to help the person or place judgment on them?

Please consider, if you were going through these issues, how would you like to be treated:

Feel with compassion how these people feel, and give from your heart energy. 

Learn how to use universal energy to feel more Pure Love, Light and compassion and how to create Peace on Earth now with 'Awaken'.

Sending Pure Love, Light & Blessings, Michelle

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