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I'm going to keep the information as simple and factual as possible so that you can share this information with others who have no idea what The Great Awakening, Global Shift, dark to Light is! So that seems like a very good place to start, by explaining what is the energy of the shift from dark to Light and what is going on.


What is The Great Awakening / Global Shift - dark to Light?

We need to know that everything is energy that has a resonance or frequency and we can liken this to the musical notes each having a different letter and some being flat or sharp and having different musical keys, so each sound is unique and has a way to express it so all musicians can share what a sound is and all know which sound they are talking about.

The energy that most affects us is what we need to most focus on, this includes the energy of our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, actions, body, food, health, energy field, home and the energy that we are spending most of our time in so work, people we connect with etc.

All of the above, like the musical notes, have an individual frequency and to simplify this we can use colours and colour code the frequency of the energies.

Before we do this we need to understand that earth is a planet of duality, meaning that both Light and dark, good and evil exist on earth. (I know this statement may cause some people an issue because of false teachings that there is only good, but we all know that bad and evil exists and deny it's existence is to not care about the millions of child and victims across the world that have and are being abused.)

Often earth is described as being 3D or third dimensional. This is referring to the duality aspect of earth or the beings that live on earth. Ascending is moving out of duality into 4th dimension or higher where evil does not exist. To do this we need to be free of evil from our whole energy field and body.


Duality and The Poles

The duality of good and bad give us poles which is the extreme / source of good and evil. We can visualise this as a ladder and at the bottom of the ladder we have a black magnet which represents evil and that is dark and bad, so we could call this magnet the evil source in hell. At the top of the ladder we have a white magnet which is Pure Source in heaven. In between the two powerful source magnets we have a mass of grey all different shades of grey from very dark grey to very light grey.

What is happening with the shift is that all the grey is being magnetically pulled to one of the poles or magnets.

Humanity is the grey energy and which pole each person is magnetically drawn to depends on the shade of grey that their overall energy is. Someone with light grey energy, more good energy than bad energy will be drawn to the Light Source magnet and will ascend. Someone with dark grey energy, more dark energy than Light will be drawn to the dark magnet and will not ascend in this cycle.

Something very important to remember here is that this is being done magnetically through frequency. This means that there is no trying to 'put across your case' or 'sweet talking' your way in! Someone with heavy dark energy is going to be pulled to the dark magnet. (Those with lots of trauma, resentment, toxins, poisons in their bodies and energy field need to know this and get working on changing this.)

In future emails I will discuss in more detail what affects our energy, which will decide which magnet we get drawn to, but as a very quick guideline, so you can spread this information and encourage those you know to do the work, here is a quick summary of what will draw you to each magnet.

Please remember that we are talking about frequency and what the energetic value of these things is and which magnet they are going to pull you / others too. There is no opinion in this, it is all fact based.

You can find a lot of useful information on Mike Adams The Health Ranger website for food and natural healing.

What is important to know is that this shift from dark to Light IS happening NOW!

We can know about it or not know about, like it or not like, it makes no difference, it is happening and what we think isn't going to stop it from happening but could pull us towards one of the source magnets.

There is a lot of information out there about ascending and what is and isn't going to happen. Some of it feels true and some of it feels false, so do be aware when reading and listening to information, as on any topic, and remember what is most important is not how the ascending is or isn't going to happen but which magnet you and your loved ones are being drawn to!

Do be aware of people promising quick fixes and magical cures. There are none! Each person needs to do the work to have a high Light energy, as free of toxins as possible to ascend. Spending money on courses is not going to change this and could distract people from focusing on doing the work and changing their energy to be a definite attracted to a Light magnet.



Another very important factor is whether someone is in service to others or in service to themselves.

Evil and satanism is based around self and self first. Heaven is based around caring, sharing and helping others.

I feel it would be wise for everyone to have a look at their lives and check what they are doing to be of serve to others. Is there something tangible that you or your loved ones can write down and say I do this for others? This is where we all need to encourage and support each other to be kind, caring and support each other, both on-line and in our physical lives, making a point to do something good and caring every day!

Things you can do to give to others, which are easy and free, include:

  • Smile at people in the street
  • Be polite and friendly
  • Hold doors open for others
  • Give someone a compliment, it goes a long way!
  • Encourage and support one to follow their heart and dreams!

I will be sharing more about this topic in future emails, but for now do check out what you're eating, drinking, doing with your life. Are you living through good feelings in your heart and soul energy or are you living a robotic existence feeling soul dead and eating toxic food?

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