Pure Flows!

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I was typing one of my daily posts for my membership group and it sort of wandered and evolved into something that felt important and like it needed sharing wider than my group so here it is!

I'm also feeling that it would be good to have a discussion on the matrix, grids, webs and all these energies that are keeping us anchored in - what are you feeling when you read this?

I did some powerful energy work on twin flame connections last night, doing 'un-grounding' and that was HUGE!! I know many people teach grounding and many are very programmed that we need to do it, but the word and intention to ‘ground’ is 'an anchor' stopping you from raising your vibration. If you feel energy then play with this and notice what you feel as you say "I ask Pure Love, Light and all Divine energies to release me from all grounding now" if grounding was Pure then there would be no energy releasing, as releasing is getting rid of the dark and evil energies. 

If you like connecting to earth then call it connecting to earth or channeling into earth so you are not being pulled into a dark program. 

We need to remember that Pure flows.




When a stream is flowing and bubbling the water is Pure and safe to drink, this is natural mineral water with no chemicals. When it is blocked and damned up it stagnates and becomes filled with bacteria and moulds etc.

The same is true of the energy in us and our meridians. When the chi is flowing we are healthy, when there are blocks we are ill. This is also true for our emotions and when we block our emotions and don’t express them, we can feel numb and isolated. It is also equally true for the energy around us.

There should be powerful freely flowing Pure Love, Light and all Divine energies filling us all from Heaven and above, but we don't feel this because there are blocks between us and the source of these energies.

These grids, webs, matrixes or whatever name we give them are stopping the flow of PURE ENERGY to us. This is the only reason we have evil on earth, because the full power and flow of PURE has been messed with. How? Good question, and since opposites repel then I can only assume that there is a reflective layer somewhere that is reflecting back Pure Energies so what we receive is a fraction of what is there.

In Awaken I have powerful energy work to ‘Disconnect us from fear’ and global consciousness and to choose Pure Love & Light to be our dominant energy. The more people who do this energy work the more we are eating away at any barriers that are stopping the full power of Pure Energy flow to us. 

Once Pure Source Energy is freely flowing to earth then huge, huge shift will happen with more ease than we can believe possible, as the Laws of the Universe will leap into magnetic attraction and dark and evil will be repelled from earth so we can live in Heaven on Earth.

The more people who work on this, the quicker it will happen. So if you want to experience Heaven on Earth in your lifetime then please do this energy work and spread the message, because this is so possible to happen NOW for us to enjoy. We have endured the struggle and the hardships and now we do truly deserve to enjoy the good!

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