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Awaken - ebook

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Major Global Shift is going on                       What is happening in terms of energy?

Learn more about:

  • Pure, evil and dominant energy
  • Opposites repel, More Light less evil
  • Evil has no natural source of energy
  • Use Your Power of Free Choice




More and more people are feeling dissatisfied with their lives and are looking for a deeper meaning and purpose to life then just earning money and paying bills! 

Awaken is about how we can use a ‘higher power’, the ‘Power of the Universe’ to create change beyond what most people feel is possible. If you are ready to learn how we can all use energy work to create a better world then read Awaken!

Are you happy with your life and the state of the world, or do you think the world is crazy and morals and integrity have gone out the window?

So many people are not happy with their lives and are ‘Awakening’ to the Truth that money and success do not buy happiness. People now desire a deeper meaning to life, to have a purpose and to feel inner peace and contentment.

Awaken shows you how all this is possible! We have all been so programmed to follow rules, regulations and be in a society mould, but we are free spirits, souls in a body and our souls are screaming to be set free!

Allow your soul to Awaken and be set free now and be a part of the global shift to create a better world, where love, kindness and compassion are the valued and dominant energies!

 Why do we need to Awaken?

The answer is because we have war, and the majority of people on earth do not want to be at war, so we need to create the peace we desire. Using the Power of the Universe is the easiest and safest way to create peace.

Awaken is written in a light-hearted and easy to read 'chatty manner'. It has been written for everyone, regardless of age, political views and religious beliefs. All you need is a desire to create peace, and to be open-minded to new information.  

  •       Learn about the Power of Universal Energy
  •       How we can use our intention to channel this power, to create positive change
  •       Learn to disconnect from fear
  •       Be part of the 'collective peace energy 'to create 'Peace on Earth' now

 Once you understand and know the "Power of the Universe", it becomes crazy not to use it!

Chapters in Awaken

  • Awakening to Peace
  • Energy - The Invisible Kind!
  • Disconnecting from Fear
  • Global Magnets or Collective Consciousness
  • Law of Attraction
  • Releasing & Cleansing
  • The Dominant Energy
  • The System
  • Discerning the Truth
  • How to Discern
  • Soul Barriers & Blocks to Feeling
  • How We Have been Conned
  • Don't Play the Game!
  • What Can I do to Make a Difference?
  • The Power of Free Choice - Choosing Light
  • Disconnecting from the Collective Consciousness
  • How Can We All Make a Difference
  • Energy Work to Support You
  • Moving Forwards

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marie-Louise Tyrteos
So many questions I had are being answered!

I just want to say that after reading your book “Awaken” just now that so many questions I had are being answered!
You have no idea what a huge difference you have made to me! So thank you sooo much!

Practical wisdom

As soon as I opened “Awaken,” I felt a powerful energetic shift. Michelle Carter writes from a place of Truth. She imparts practical wisdom with clarity, and her conversational tone made the book enjoyable and easy to read. There’s a lot of information. A lot. Michelle provides statements I can use anytime to clear my energy and my environment. What’s also amazing is that I felt denser energies releasing just from opening the digital copy of “Awaken.” Now imagine if it were also available as an audiobook.

Robin. Sloan

I purchased Awaken a couple of weeks ago. I have also purchased Pure Protection, Floating and Repelling Negative Energies, Cutting Ties & Bonds, Floating Clear and Soul Connection . I am also doing the Remote monthly transmission as well as a 5 day remote transmission. WOW....WOW...WOW is what i can absolutely say about every purchase. I have had quite a lot of past trauma's and the audios are super powerful and Michelle's Divine Connection to Source is clearly felt in all of her work. With my past trauma's upon listening to Repelling Negative Energies i began shaking and got really sick, that shows how powerful Michelle's work is. But, i connected with Michelle and she talked me through what would be the best plan of action for me to continue and i am changing, shifting and expanding everyday because of Michelle's work nd know i will continue this expansion for a very long time. Her personal attention, meant the world to me, and she continues to check in on me often. I cannot express enough to Invest in any of Michelle's remote transmissions, audio's, and definitely the book Awaken. I keep it with me and love the the section that indicates Statements you can use to repell almost anything and download Pure Love and Light. This is a staple for me during the day when i need that extra boost, and it empowers me to assist with my own healing. Thank you so much for all your help and changing my life. Love you Michelle, Robin

Jacqui Venter
My Healing journey

I bought Awaken a week ago and is a good, easy read which comes from the heart and has some good tips.
I highly recommend reading this book as well as her other book "loving you" and working with the powerful audio's for various issue's. I am glad I purchased this book as it was a reminder of the work I need to continue doing to stay in my power. Lately I have felt despair & helpless as I feel so much being emphatic. Today was one of those days where I felt irritated, angry , upset & overwhelmed and then I was trying to find a reason why which made me feel even more overwhelmed & anxious and then I remembered that Michelle said that 98% of our feelings are not ours so I took my laptop to the bedroom with headphones and started doing some clearing work and releasing and filling & floating and started to feel better. I have had the feeling of being dissatisfied with my live and I am looking for a deeper meaning and purpose to life.I so want peace on earth, I try and not read newspapers and watch the news but this dark energy is nasty & sneaky and I feel everything at a core level which is a curse BUT I will not let it beat me with the guidance of beautiful souls like, Michelle and all her amazing tools... I would highly recommend working with Michelle,,She has helped me loads and continues to do so and I trust her which is very important. Lets all take our POWER back and create peace on Earth. There is power in numbers! <3 Namaste <3 <3

Awaken is another true treasure for the world

Michelle Carter’s new book, Awaken is another true treasure for the world. She has such an amazing way of writing that feels as if you are having a deep conversation over a cup of tea. She has true integrity and this comes through in her writing. This makes this book and her work so very accessible for everyone.

It is filled with information for anyone that is looking to find more peace for themselves as well as bringing peace to the world. Large complex concepts are explained in a simple way, with a lot of life experience and practical tips. When we awaken to peace within ourselves, we also radiate it out to change the world. In our busy lives, who couldn’t use more peace? I think that so many of us do wish to have Peace on Earth and this is a great book to help open you up to that, with practical ways to do this, including energy work that you can do daily.

I can really feel the energy of peace just reading the book which is a huge plus for me! I can’t recommend Michelle’s work enough & bringing more Peace to the world is very important for us all.