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Hidden Forces & Law of Attraction

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Do You Feel Like there are Hidden Forces are Working Against You? I hear from so many people that they have been working on their energy for many many years, but still aren't where they want to be, still not feeling that Happy for no Reason Feeling and still feeling stuck, trapped or being stopped by some hidden forces.     So are there hidden forces working against you?  To answer this question, I'd like you to imagine that the whole of your mind, body, spirit, energy field and all past lives are an iceberg. There is the 1/3 above...

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High & Low Vibrations / Frequency

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The Highs & Lows We now know that everything is energy. It is also true that every single object, person, sound, smell, emotion etc has a vibration. These vibrations have been measured with scientific equipment and given a numerical value, which shows how high or low that particular energy is. We also know that it is a Universal Law that Like Attracts Like. YOU are energy, YOU have a vibration and as like attracts like, what vibrations of energy is your vibration attracting?  What vibrations are you surrounding yourself with, listening to, looking at? Are you fully AWARE of everything...

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