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Be Energetically Free from the Slavery of Money!

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Be Energetically Free from the Slavery of Money! Quite a title or statement and I guess the place to start with this is to share how and why we are energetically enslaved by money!     First of all we are all connected in energy and through physical means also. The monetary system that we have, ie physical money and the banking system is run with an evil intention to take more and more money off the hard working people to give to the rich and elite. This is not a good energy to be connected to and if you...

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Are You Focusing on the Negative?

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Are You Focusing on the Negative or Setting an Intention to Shift Out of All You Don't Want? This article has been inspired by a comment made in one of my groups - the comment being that many healers say we should not put our focus on the negative and what we don't want, which is quite true! However, if you intention is to remove, release or shift out of the negative then you are not focusing on the negative, your intention is the shift!    I feel this is a really important point to make.  We all come up...

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High & Low Vibrations / Frequency

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The Highs & Lows We now know that everything is energy. It is also true that every single object, person, sound, smell, emotion etc has a vibration. These vibrations have been measured with scientific equipment and given a numerical value, which shows how high or low that particular energy is. We also know that it is a Universal Law that Like Attracts Like. YOU are energy, YOU have a vibration and as like attracts like, what vibrations of energy is your vibration attracting?  What vibrations are you surrounding yourself with, listening to, looking at? Are you fully AWARE of everything...

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