Hi, I am Michelle Carter, and welcome to my website, blog articles, videos, free resources and amazing products!

Do have a look around, there is a lot of information and tools here to help you improve your life, including some fun quizzes that will help you find out more about yourself!

I am an International Divine Channel Energy Channel, which means that I act a bit like a satellite receiver for your TV, except I am the connection between Pure and Divine Energy and you or a global issue.

When I use my ability to channel these very powerful energies it is often called a transmissions.


These energy transmissions can be used to:

  • Release stuck and blocked energy to heal illnesses, release fears, trauma and emotional upset
  • Clear away all the energies after they have released
  • Fill your energy field with Pure and Divine energies, so you feel happier, more peaceful and living in a higher energy
  • Disconnect and cut ties to other people and their energy
  • Revoke dark energies and entities
  • Disconnect from global grids and matrixes, big patterns like addictions and fears
  • Float your energy into Higher Realms

This energy work is very powerful and allows people to release and let go of emotions, beliefs, situations, issues, patterns and people in their lives that are keeping them stuck and stopping them from moving into a happier and more fulfilling life.

My work helps people who are:

* Stuck in chronic illness
* Suffering from trauma, upset, grief
* Feeling and being attacked by dark energies
* Under the influence of spells and curses
* With fears, phobias and mental issues
* Feeling disconnected from their souls and soul purpose
* Looking for a happier life and not knowing what is wrong

I believe using our 'Universal Power', which I call Pure Source Energy, Pure Love & Light or Pure Frequency, has the power to not only transform our lives but also has the power to create ‘Peace on Earth’. My book ‘Awaken’ chats about how we can all use this Power of the Universe to work for us in our own lives and to help create a better world.

My vision is:

 “To live in a world where people feel 'Happy for no Reason' & 'Random Acts of Kindness' happen all the time.”

This may well already be the case for some people, but from my experiences of working with clients and helping so many people stuck in low and dark places, that it is far from the truth for everyone. I feel so blessed to have a gift to help all those wishing to change their lives and shift into living in higher energies and experience happier more fulfilling lives, leaving all the bad times and struggles behind.

My work is about me sharing my experiences of both my life and my work as a Divine Channel, to help and inspire as many people as possible who are stuck in their lives to know there IS an alternative.

If you feel alone and cut off, not understood, totally isolated in a place of despair, attacked by dark energies, then please know there is help available with my ‘Free Video Releasing Suicide Entities’ and other videos on my You Tube Channel, and free support on my network for those who wish to work with me. You will receive a link when you purchase one of my audios. I also offer daily weekday Remote Pure Transmissions so you can feel and receive my energy to keep your energy high and feeling loved and supported. 

If you are feeling attacked by dark energies, entities, spells or anything else dark then I do have many audios on my network to help you get free from this energy. Please do email me or message me on my network for guidance and to work with these audios. 

I truly believe that my vision is shared by many other people and that together we can create a world that uses renewable energy, hugely reducing pollution. This will reduce the cost of living for everyone, especially those living in poverty. We can eliminate war and violence with increased awareness and powerful energy work.

We have unlimited Pure and Divine power that we are not fully aware of and using. Let’s change this and use our Divine Power to create ‘Heaven on Earth’ now!