Child Abuse Awareness - Do you know this?

  It is a very sad fact that there are millions of people who have and are suffering from abuse. All types of abuse are very emotionally damaging and some victims may never receive the advice, help, love, support and belief that they need to fully recover.Society seems to want to ignore and turn a blind eye to all the abuse that is going on and this has to be particularly true of sexual abuse and sexual child abuse.  It appears that people would prefer to 'not get involved' than stand up for the truth and support those is so...

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Peace on Earth - How is it Possible?

Awaken Energy energy healing Global Global change Michelle Carter Peace

I recently wrote an article on Love, Light & Healing for Paris & the Whole World shortly after the terrible shootings that happened there, to share awareness that we can all help create 'Peace on Earth'. The response to this article was mainly very positive and supportive but I did receive some comments of well, scorn and disbelief from one Facebook group I posted in, including a comment that my article was 'lame'. Well I'm sure that many people including the British army thought that the efforts of one Indian man, to free India from British rule were lame, especially as...

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Love, Light & Healing for Paris

  What has happened in Paris has shocked the world, such seemingly pointless violence and killing for no reason. (Since writing this article more violent acts have been shared, that weren't originally reported on international news in other countries.) We all have CHOICE how we react to this tragedy and my choice was to write 'Awaken', to share how using universal energy really can create 'Peace on Earth'. We can think there is nothing we can do, it is all politics and out of our control or We can believe and trust in the Power of Love and human compassion. The...

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How Can I Heal Myself?

energy healing healing love Michelle Carter self-love

Have You Tried Everything without Success? Whether it is a physical illness, emotional issue or some kind of block in your life, even being stuck in lack, the answer is the same for all issues: Stop trying to heal it, fix, make it go away and fill it with Love instead!     Now I totally understand that may not make any sense to you, because I have been there, so let me explain what this really means. All our thoughts, beliefs and actions are energy that are sending out a vibration into the universe, a bit  like when you...

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Global Shift - Be Grateful & Forgive - Are You Helping or Judging?

Awaken Energy frequency Global Global change Michelle Carter Peace Truth vibrations

The energies of the global shift are really intense right now and many are feeling this, with old issues resurfacing to be healed.     This can be an incredibly challenging time for so many, revisiting traumatic issues that they thought they had dealt with. All the vibrations associated with these issues do need to be cleared out to find inner peace and this is done through releasing and letting go of the hurt, pain, upset, trauma, humiliation, grief and any other emotions reminding them of the issue that happened. When someone has a really traumatic experience, what they most need...

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