Grounding - Why is it taught?

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Grounding is so very widely taught in the spiritual world, but why?

I can remember being told when I first came to spiritual work that I had to ground before doing any energy / spiritual work and this was done by placing your feet flat on the ground and connecting to earth and to imagine or feel  like I had roots growing out of my feet, like the roots of a tree going into earth. Well I tried doing this, like I was told to, and I didn't really get it and didn't see the point in it, so I didn't do it!



Years later I am working with energy and channeling Pure and Divine energies and I sitll don't do grounding work! I have never resonated with it and never felt the need to do it. Whilst working with various clients I came to understand why it was that I didn't feel like doing this grounding and this is because I am freer and more able to connect up to Pure and Divine energies if I don't ground.

I understood this more fully when working on people to release dark energies. Sometimes these dark energies felt really firmly attached and they do not want to go. They would feel really anchored and grounded in, so that was when I started to un-ground people before doing the releasing work and I found doing this made the releasing of dark energies so much easier!

Now this is going against what so many spiritual people are teaching so quite often it really doesn't go down well with a lot of people! However, I have learnt over the years that what I FEEL in energy is what is happening and this is big part of discerning.

Truth is felt and discerning is done through feeling.

If you discern if 'grounding' is a Pure and Light practice then it discerns as no. What so many people don't seem to understand is that Pure energy flows! It flows freely and it does not need to be attached, anchored or grounded, it is free flowing energy!

So if 'grounding' isn't a Pure and Light practice then the next question to ask is 'is it a dark practice?' and the answer to that is yes. Now this will create huge shock for many people and many will just not want to believe it, because they are in their minds deciding if it is true or not, and they are not in their soul connection feeling if it is true or not.

When you have strong feeling and ability to discern then what you feel is so strong that you have 'inner knowing' that it is true and no one can change your mind or create doubts around this because that feeling is so strong.

So having discerned that 'grounding' is dark then why is it being taught? Well it is one of many ways that dark have infiltrated the spiritual world with false beliefs and practices to stop people from raising their vibration, seeing and knowing the Truth and filling our world with Pure Love & Light.

The opposite of 'grounding' - being connected to earth or something in earth is to be connected to Heaven and higher realms. I call the energy work that raises your vibration 'Floating' and this is lifting your frequency into higher realms so you feel lighter and your vibration does actually raise to a higher frequency.



Most people in the spiritual world want to be enlightened, which is raising your vibration / consciousness, so floating is the way to do this. Connecting to earth is like anchoring yourself inside the harbour and then wanting to see the world, you can't! Either you raise your anchor and sail the seas (float into Pure realms) or you keep you anchor down and stay where you are, (ground and make no spiritual progress).

Many people who have worked with me have tried this and have now stopped 'grounding', do lots of floating energy work and even do 'un-grounding' energy work!

What you choose to do with this information is totally up to you, but I would encourage you to at least try floating or doing your energy work without grounding before you decide this isn't true!

Feelings are the language of our souls

Connect to your feelings and soul, that is where Truth is felt and known. Mind energy is all about thinking and most of that thinking has been under mind programming, so it's not your thoughts, it's what you've been programmed to think and believe.

You can check out my video page for more information on 'Floating' and how to float. Also I have some lovely audios that are using Floating to raise your vibration. A great one to try out is Floating into Heaven.

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  • LIz on

    I’ve always felt grounding was unnecessary and most of the time I just haven’t bothered. Thank you for making me think about the issue and clarifying my thoughts. Many many thanks for the pure Love transmissions you have been sending which I have really needed whilst clearing many cathedrals and churches with the Violet Flames and guardians recently on a road trip holiday.

  • Kathleen on

    I cannot tell you how much this article meant to me…it answered so many questions for me!
    Thank you for your pure love and light!

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