Do we treat the symptoms or root causes?

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It is the symptoms that we feel and want gone, and we can release and get rid of the symptoms, but if the root cause remains, then we will get more symptoms or different variations of these symptoms because the cause is still there. This will continue in a never ending cycle until the ROOT CAUSE is removed.

The root causes of all issues are:

  • FEAR

I frequently talk about how damaging lack of love is on us and have written many articles on this, including “Were You Loved From Birth or Not - & Why Does This Matter?”

The reason for this is because we become the energy that we are most surrounded by, so if from conception and birth onwards we are being surrounded by vibrations of ‘lack of love’ in all their various forms, hate, arguments, fighting, fear, control and abuse, then those are the energies that we are soaking up and storing. This is obviously the exact opposite of what we want, but we are a baby and not in control of our environment at all, so we are a victim to this happening to us.

Many people then go on to spend their whole life being a victim and collecting more of these damaging magnets, by connecting with people who are abusive and controlling over them. Having these energies stored inside of you will do that, again whether you are consciously aware of it or not and also whether you are choosing it or not!

There has been a lot of teaching of the ‘Law of Attraction’ saying that we attract what we think about. Well that is not true, because it goes much deeper than just thoughts. If it were true then everyone who has heard of the Law of Attraction and thought about living their dream life would now be living it, and they aren’t! So what else is going on here?

Well science has proven that our heart energy (emotions and feelings) are more powerful than our thoughts, so if we want to create then we need to use our emotions and feelings as well as our mind energy.



However, even that is not enough as I’m sure many of you are aware. We can send lots of emotions and mind energy to creating and attracting something and it can still not appear in our lives!

So what is going on here?

Stored energy! The Law of Attraction and Natural Laws all work on the most dominant energy that we are emitting, whether conscious, unconscious, intentional or unintentional, and what we attract into our lives is showing us what our most dominant energies are!

If you are stuck in a repeating pattern then that pattern is your dominant energy. This can be abusive partners, addictions, self-loathing, living in fear, being attacked in energy or person, not feeling good enough, not feeling loved, never having enough, being stuck in lack and so on. Whatever appears in your life is your dominant energy.

We can:

  • Not want to believe this
  • Be upset about it
  • Think we’ve done enough work to clear this
  • Think and believe that God or some entity is going to rescue us
  • Think this will go away on it’s own
  • Think the attacks will stop / the abuser will stop
  • Think we are being picked on
  • Think it’s not fair

If we want positive change then we need to understand the system and how it works, and that system is Universal Power and Universal or Natural Laws. These are impersonal, that means they exist and do what they do with no difference for good or bad behaviour, or knowing or not knowing - they exist and we are affected by them.

The Law of Gravity is a Universal / Natural Law. We know this and wouldn’t try and argue with it, change it or think it’s not fair. We know it is TRUTH, we accept it is Truth and is always going to react the same way.

Well the Law of Attraction is exactly the same as the Law of Gravity only instead of causing things to fall to earth, it attracts our most dominant energy to us.

If you don’t like what is appearing in your life
then you need to change your dominant energy.

This can be done by releasing all the destructive energies that you do not want and that are not serving you, and filling with Pure and Divine Energies to ensure you have some good there to work and attract good to you!



To assist you with this process I recommend the following products as a good starting point:

So knowing this we have a choice:

  • To understand these Natural Laws and Universal Power and align with them and use them for our own good
  • To not do this and remain a victim, trapped in a life that isn’t working

I’m sure you have heard me say the quote by Einstein:

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

 This means that a higher energy / power is needed to create change or shift out of being stuck in a situation / issue. Someone who is depressed or suicidal cannot just ‘snap out of it’ - they need a higher energy to lift them out of it so those lower magnets are no longer working to keep them stuck in it. This is true of all issues.

Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own lives, and we can choose our choices and then take the action needed to create change. Many people feel so much fear that they cannot move forwards and if this is so for you then Disconnecting from Fear and Filling with Pure Love is essential to shift out of being this stuck.

Whatever our energy, we all need to be doing daily energy work to raise our vibration and release the negative so the Law of Attraction and other Universal / Natural Laws can bring us good and be working for us and not against what we desire!

    WE ARE THE CHANGE and we need more people to become aware!

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