How can we flow love when we feel hurt & rejected?

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Feeling hurt or rejected is a painful experience and can be one that it so difficult to recover from, leaving many feeling bitter and resentful or in fear of connecting and trusting others again.

How can we trust in love after being so let down?



Yesterday, I asked for some guidance around this and found myself  reaching for my book, Loving You, and reading the opening paragraph of chapter 13 - 

'this is the time when we MOST need to connect to love and Love Ourselves!'

It really made me think and was a 'wow moment' for me, because I know how easy it is to shut down and cut yourself off when you are feeling emotional pain, so please read this again and FEEL the energy and message it is saying -  it has the power to change your life, when you really understand and get it!

'this is the time when we MOST need to connect to love and Love Ourselves!'


When someone hurts or upsets us our immediate reaction, is to either hurt them back or retreat and protect ourselves.  

Both of these reactions will bring us further upset and hurt. Obviously, we all know that two wrongs don't make a right, and adding bad to bad just makes more bad!

And shutting ourselves off to protect ourselves is just stopping the flow of love, which is cutting us off from the very thing we most desire, love and to be loved, seen, appreciated and valued.

So when someone hurts us, this is the time when we MOST need to connect to love, feel love, keep our love flowing and Love ourselves!

'Who is going to give us all these feelings of Love if we dam up our flow of love?

If You Feel hurt by pain & rejection, then You need to FLOW LOVE.

There is a well known saying - that Love hurts - but this is totally false. It is not love that hurts, Pure Love is a totally beautiful feeling that can only feel good. So what is it that is hurting us? 

It is the lack of love and rejection that hurts us.

When we feel hurt and rejected we need to 'Fill Ourselves with Love', so that we can flow beautiful energies of love to ourselves and the world.



We can only attract that which we have stored within us, so all the time we hold onto the pain of loss and rejection we are stopping ourselves from connecting to the magical and powerful energies of Pure Love.

Choosing to flow Pure Love to yourself each day is such a positive and powerful thing to do. I know it sounds nothing and airy fairy, but try and see, you will notice a difference! You can flow love to your:

  • Body & Health
  • Work & Finances
  • Friends, Family and Connections with Others
  • Travel and Your Daily Activities

 It is doing the little things regularly that creates big change. I mean look at cleaning your daily, doesn't that keep them in good condition and won't they be rotten if you didn't do this? Well the same applies to our energy, if we want to feel good then we need to be flowing good loving energies to ourselves, daily!


Learn how to Love Yourself, fill yourself with pure and Divine Love now. Read 'Loving You' and feel the love that has been infused into this book. It's not just a book, it's not just information, it is energy and it is powerful healing energy to help you feel loved and live a life in love. 

Can you feel the power and love when you look at the front cover? 


Many can, and if you can't then you have barriers that are stopping you from feeling loved and how to remove these barriers is explained with powerful energy releasing in the book that will work on you as you read the book.

Loving You is Energy in a Book 

It is Filled with Love & will assist you to Feel Love.

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