Repelling EMF, 5G & Harmful Rays & Energy
Michelle Carter

Repelling EMF, 5G & Harmful Rays & Energy

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Are You Worried about EMF, 5G & Harmful Rays of Energy?

Feel Empowered and Not a Victim

Repel these Harmful Energies and the Damage they do to Your Body 

Powerful Silent mp3, Play on Loop on any Device


Repelling EMF, 5G & Harmful Rays & Energy 

When we know and understand energy and vibration then we know that any energy that can cause us harm can be repelled by higher vibrations so it can no longer reach us and cause that harm.

I know many people are very concerned about the effects of EMF and Electromagnetic Radiation on their health. Many people have experienced headaches and migraines from these energies and I have personally experienced pain in my ear when using my mobile phone, which to be is evidence that these energies are not good for us.

5G is causing even greater concerns. Being in fear and worry is in itself damaging to our bodies, so don't be a victim, feel empowered by repelling these harmful rays and energy from you and your devices! 

Silent mp3 download - 10 mins (Play on loop)

This audio is SILENT so you can have it playing on constant loop and still talk to someone on your phone!

Main Track

The energy work on the silent main track is the following repeated to ensure these energies are being constantly repelled:

"Repelling all electromagnetic radiation, EMF, 5G & harmful damaging rays and waves of energy from you and this device now.
Revoking all programming in these rays and waves and energies now."

Silent backing tracks:

Floating - Keep the vibration high helps to repel all lower energies and frequencies!

Clearing - Should there be any releasing from the energy work then this clearing layer will keep clearing the energies out of your energy field so you're not feeling them.

Pure Stillness - beautiful energy that feels so good, but also repels lower energies that cannot exist in Pure Stillness.

Repelling all evil - names and words can be mis-leading so there is a silent track that is 'repelling all evil' so all harmful rays of energy are including in this audio. 

This powerful mp3 download can be used on your:

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Mobile Phone
  • MP3 player for TVs and other technology

Mobile Phones

I know that I have experienced pain in my ear when using my mobile phone and this has resulted in me using it as little as possible. After reading the above article, I felt inspired to create this audio to repel these energies so it is safer for us all to use our devices.

Those of you who know me and my work will know that I try out all my audios on myself before putting them on my website, and I'm delighted to say that I can now use my mobile phone without getting pain in my ear! Great result!

 Computers, Tablets and TVs

You can also play this silent audio on your computer or tablet and in the same room as your TV, either on a computer, tablet, phone or  mp3 player to repel the radiation energies coming through these screens. 

My Testimonial! 

Personally I am delighted to have this audio playing on my phone 24/7. I have been avoiding using my mobile phone because it hurt my ear to have conversations on it, so now I can use it without being in pain! I also feel much happier knowing that the harmful rays are being repelled constantly as this audio keeps playing on silent in the background.

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