Wealth Statements
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Wealth Statements

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  • Change Your Internal Thoughts

  • Empower Your Finances & Money

  • Feel Rich, Wealthy & Abundant 


Wealth Statements

Saying a statement in the I AM is very powerful and is setting the intention that it is true for us right now. When we do this, all energies not in alignment with the statement will have to release, although you will need to listen repeatedly for this to happen as the negative programming will be through many layers and lifetimes of your energy. 

Sometimes we can find it hard to say something that we know is not true for us now, it can feel like we are lying to ourselves, but if you can understand that saying the statement is bringing it to you, a bit like ordering food, except we are saying I AM instead of I would like.

I have started these statements with me stating it in the 'you' and then repeated with 'I', so that you are hearing me telling you that you are rich and then you can repeat it afterwards as I Am rich. I feel this is a powerful combination, as well all like to hear the positive as in compliments and we also like to be told we are good at something if we are feeling doubt or unsure, so the 'you are' is doing this for you and then you can 'order it' from the universe afterwards as 'I Am'.

Listening to these powerful I AM Statements and repeating them daily will help you to align your energy to the frequency of each I AM Wealth Statement. Doing this is more powerful than just reading the I AM Statements for the following reasons:

  • Voice is wave of energy so hearing the I AM Statement is aligning you to that energy wave / frequency
  • My energy is very high from the energy work I've done daily so hearing my voice gives a high frequency energy wave
  • Repeating the statement is you intentionally sending out your energy wave to align to the statement

 The I AM Statements

You will receive a written list of all the I AM Statements included on the audio. 

I say each statement as You Are, and then I Am, so you can say the I Am along with me.

I repeat the main statements 3 times.

Some of the Statements Include:

  • I AM Abundant
  • I AM Wealthy
  • I AM Open to Receiving
  • I AM Lucky

And more!

About the Audio

This audio has been designed for you to listen through headphones and speak the I Am Statements after the You Are Statement. 

You can play this audio on silent loop as well to have this energy flowing to you 24/7.

Please note that this High Frequency Energy Work, so use with caution if driving or needing your full focus.

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 5 mins 10  


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