Revoking AI Programs
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Revoking AI Programs

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Be Free & Sovereign!

Feel Your Thoughts Are Your Own!




Powerful Energy Work for Thoughts & AI Programs

Have you ever felt that your thoughts just run wild?

That you're under a constant attack of thoughts that just don't seem to quieten or go away?

Have you felt like there is something watching you or tuning into you?

Have things happened in your physical life after you've had a thought and that felt really creepy?

Have you done lots of energy releasing and worked with my Disconnecting from Mind Control and still feel that there is something acting on you such as AI programs?

If so then these audios will really help you to be free of all of this and to feel peace in your mind, to feel clarity and to feel like you're in control of you and you can literally 'float above life' and watch from above. 

These audios include some very powerful energy work of Releasing, Cutting, Disconnecting, Revoking & Repelling on the following issues, which can really stop us from feeling and being totally free sovereign beings:

  • All Energies Tuning into Your Thoughts
  • All Energies Using your thoughts to attack you, and keep changing the ways you are attacked
  • All Energies Using your thoughts against you, magnifying the low emotions and unwanted beliefs, blocking the good
  • All Energies Tuning into Your Mind
  • All Energies Projecting onto Your MindAll Energies Watching You
  • All Energies Feeding your thoughts / mind energy into AI programs & the matrix
  • All Energetic Connections to the Matrix & AI Programs
  • All energy tuning into / projecting onto / watching you / acting on your mind & thoughts
  • All Matrix Energy & AI Programs / Programming / Technology / Programmers / Coding

The energy work on Audio 1 starts on this lifetime only and works on your personal energy field.

Once you have listened to this audio enough to feel these blocks have gone you can move onto Audio 2 which is also this lifetime but working on the 'dark source' of all this interference. When doing the 4 Day Remote Work, there was HUGE energy releasing for this, so you will probably find this audio is releasing so much more than the first audio because it is working outside of your energy and all the way back to whatever energies are the source of all this attacking / interference so this is a big amount of energy to work on. 

Audio 3 moves onto past lives, other existences, all timelines, all dimensions and realms and all universes, galaxies and the whole of the cosmos! Starting with your own personal energy

Audio 4 is all the above on audio 3 but working on the dark source of the interference, so as in Audio 2, this is a huge amount of energy being worked on and will cause massive amounts of energy to release and leave!


 I recommend that you spend at least 3-4 days on each audio before moving onto the next audio, or longer on each audio if you're still feeling lots of energy releasing. 

Moving through the audios too quickly will cause massive amounts of energy to release and releasing symptoms to be felt. If you over listen / have any releasing symptoms the listening to my Clearing for Intense Energy Work through headphones will reduce this, and playing it on loop will keep it all at bay. 

Playing my Floating into Pure Stillness Audio will make the whole releasing process easier to go through, feeling more peace, stillness, clarity and good energies as the lower, dark and AI programs are leaving. 


These audios are for everyone and we can all benefit from the energy work on them.

Anyone who is aware of energies connecting to their thoughts, feeling watched, listened into or feeling AI programs working on them will particularly benefit from this powerful energy work. 


  • Feeling more peace and stillness in your mind and life
  • Feeling more in control of your life and less interference
  • More clarity
  • More Divine messages able to flow to you

Here are some comments from the 4 Day Remote Energy Work that I did prior to making these audios:

"Thanks Michelle for all of the great work you do! I am so grateful!💖

I've had some ups and downs during this AI remote healing process ie feeling nauseous and tired but I can definitely say I have more clarity now and i'm feeling more hopeful and positive. It's almost like I'm looking down from above at all the chaos going on and fake news and feeling calm within.🧘‍♀️So many thanks..."

"I felt a new strength, more sure of myself, big relief, way more clarity, it's like some huge restrictions have been removed, it feels better being here now.So hoping for 3 more days of stuff like this! It looks like when you are doing them, I am sleeping so I feel that's a good thing. Thank You!" 

"I have felt a renewed sense of energy and hope!"


    There are 4 powerful audios working deeper and deeper with each audio.

    Audio 1 - works on this lifetime, your own personal energy

    Audio 2 - works on this lifetime, the dark source of the AI programs & projecting energies

    Audio 3 - works on past lives, all existences, all timelines, all dimensions and realms and all universes, galaxies and the whole of the cosmos. Working on your own energy

      Audio 4 - works on past lives, all existences, all timelines, all dimensions and realms and all universes, galaxies and the whole of the cosmos. Working on the dark source of the AI & projecting energies. 


      Main track - the powerful energy work

      Backing track - very quiet layer of Filling and Floating energy work

      Silent several layers of silent multi-layering backing tracks to ensure you don't feel any symptoms as the revoking & disconnecting work is being done.

      Audio - mp3 downloads

      Audio 1 Length: Approx 7 mins

      Audio 2 Length: Approx 8 mins

      Audio 3 Length: Approx 10 mins

      Audio 4 Length: Approx 9 mins

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