Releasing Viruses & Bacteria
Michelle Carter

Releasing Viruses & Bacteria

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 Releasing & Purifying Bacteria & Viruses      in Your Body





This audio was requested by one of my clients to assist with the many illnesses, diseases and conditions that are appearing now which are caused by various viruses and bacteria.

Our food and water supplies are no longer Pure, and unfortunately more and more people are drinking water that is polluted. This water pollution is not just in 3rd world countries but has been big news in America in Flint. So many people are becoming ill through pollution, bacteria and viruses.

Many people are very concerned about the quality of food and water they are consuming, and quite rightly, because there are so many toxins in food that is not organic, especially animal products.

As there are strict laws around alternative and holistic health products, I am not allowed to make any claims of healing. How each person responds to this energy work will vary depending on their stored energy and the severity of their symptoms.

If you have any questions or queries about this energy work then please do email me for more information. 


About This Audio

There is also Filling and Floating energy work on this audio to raise your vibration into higher energies, with soft echo on the channeling of Pure Pure, Pure Stillness, Pure Love and other Pure energies channeled in this transmission.

This audio has multi-layering for:

  • Clearing the Energies out of your body and energy field
  • Doing deeper energy work silently in the background
  • Filling with Pure Love to keep your energy as high as possible

Audio - mp3 download, Approx length: 6 mins 20

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