Releasing Stress
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Releasing Stress

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Stress - Needs to be Kept Under Control!

  • We all know the negative effects that stress has on our physical and emotional health.
  • The problem is most people think they don't have time to get their stress levels under control!


Releasing Stress

Stress effects both our physical and emotional health, in fact it is the root cause of the majority illness. Having excess stress hormones flying around our bodies is not good and causes lots of chain reactions, so when left unchecked long term illness follows.

Our energy and mood can actually be changed in a few minutes, and this audio is less than 3 minutes long, so in less than 3 minutes you can change your mood, feel calmer and have a better day!

Knowing this it makes sense to take just 3 minutes out to feel so much better, which allows our day to flow more productively, but is also taking care of our long term health.

Highly motivated people usually with high expectations can be more at risk of suffering from stress, having sudden switches from positive energy into negative stress energy when a problem arises.

Listening to this audio as soon as you become aware of a drop in mood will prevent stress from building and keep your mood and day calmer and flowing more efficiently. This allows you to choose your response rather than reacting before you have time to think!


The energy work on this audio works on:

  • Divine peace fills your mind
  • Stress, worry, thoughts dissolve and float away
  • Releasing emotions of stress, worry and anxiety from your mind
  • Filling your mind with Divine Peace
  • Filling the whole of your body with Divine Peace
  • Allowing the feelings of calm and peacefulness to stay with you throughout your day

This audio has been multi-layered with 10 layers of healing tracks to make it incredibly powerful for quicker results!

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 2 mins 50

If you would like to work very deeply, then check out my Shift the Frequency - Stress, Anxiety & Worry audios, working to release and remove the frequency of addictions from your energy.


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