Releasing Narcissism
Michelle Carter

Releasing Narcissism

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Powerful energy work to

Release the Frequency of Narcissism




Releasing Narcissism - Shift the Frequency

Many if not all Light Souls seem to be affected by a narcissist or several during their lifetime and it really is a very negative and damaging experience and one that is not easy to get out of and free of. 

If you are currently physically connected to a narcissist either in a relationship or at work then these audios will work to release that energy from you and to repel narcissists from connecting, so it is likely that a change in relationships will happen as you keep listening. 

For those of you who have been in narcissistic relationships and are physically free, these audios will cleanse your energy field of that frequency very deeply so you're not anchored down in low energies and attracting low and unwanted energies to you.

Narcissist energy is very low and dark, demonic and working to destroy you emotionally for sure and most likely physically, energetically and financially too. Because of this you will feel so much lighter, freer and happier with this energy released and gone. 

Audio 1 - Projections from Narcissists

Narcissists do a lot of projecting their energy, issues, insecurities on to their victims, and they can do this whilst in personal contact or energetically, even after you've stopped seeing someone physically they can still project on to you.

Stopping the projections is huge and most needed. We don't realise how many thoughts are not our own until they stop and we can feel calm in our own energy. 

When we have these projected energies on to us, we cannot be free of the narcissistic energy and can still attract other narcissists to us, so releasing and being free of all projections is essential, as is cutting ties.

Audio 2 - Stored Energies

When we connect with a narcissist we will store their energy, interactions and bad memories in our energy field and these are acting as magnets to attract more to us, so releasing all of this energy is really essential too.

We also want to release all stored memories so that we're not having constant flash backs to the past, or unhappy and triggering situations that we don't want popping up again and again. 

Audio 3 - Past Lives

Most people who have had issues with a narcissist have most likely had past life experiences with one and that is what has energetically magnetised this energy to you again in this lifetime. 

This pattern will keep repeating until all the narcissist energy is fully released and gone, so working through all past lives and existences is very essential to be fully free of this energy and these undesirable connections. 

Audio 4 - Cutting Ties

Needless to say, cutting ties to these energies is most needed, and being able to fully cut ties will only be possible when all the stored energy has been released.

All the stored energy can only be fully released when you are not in that energy, so that means not living / working or connecting with narcissists. Having said that, the audios will work to repel narcissists from your life, so if you are still in physical connection with one then this energy will work to change that. 

Listening Order

I recommend that you listen to these audios in order, unless you feel drawn to listen in another order.

You can listen to Cutting Ties after Audios 1, 2 and 3.

Audios 1 and 2 need to be listened quite a bit before moving onto Audio 3 - Past Lives. 

You will need to loop these audios to fully clear and cleanse your energy of this frequency and energy, but do start slowly, as this is nasty energy to be releasing, so do play the Cosmos Clearing Audio after each Releasing Audio and on loop if possible.

Releasing Narcissism Audios

These audios are short, powerful and to the point!

This audio set includes these 5 audios:

  1. Audio 1 - Projections from Narcissists
  2. Audio 2 - Stored Energies
  3. Audio 3 - Past Lives
  4. Audio 4  - Cutting Ties
  5. Cosmos Clearing

The Energy Work for these audios includes:

Floating, Releasing and Revoking the energies and frequency of narcissism, including projections for Audio 1 and working through past lives, existences and more for Audio 3.

These audios are incredibly powerful and you may feel light headed or spaced after listening. The more time you've spent with narcissists the more intense this releasing is going to be, but the freer you will feel!

Shift the Frequency -  Audios

  • Each audio is between 1 min 30  to 2 mins
  • Main track with audible powerful energy work & 5 Silent Tracks
  • 2 Silent Filling Tracks
  • Silent Ungrounding Track
  • Silent Clearing Track
  • Silent Floating Track
  • Format - mp3 downloads 
  • Cosmos Clearing Audio is 6 mins & is designed to be played on loop

If you would like more information about these audios then please message me.

Listening Advice

Please start by listening just once and playing Cosmos Clearing Audio afterwards.

It can take several hours to react to an audio, and sometimes energy can still be coming up days later, so I recommend on listening just once a day for several days and then slowly increase the frequency when you know that you're not being overwhelmed with energies leaving. 

When we release dark energies, (and narcissism is a form of demonic / dark energy), they usually react and start to attack us, so for this reason I recommend listening / playing my Pure Protection Audio especially if you are in contact with any narcissists in your home, work or life currently. 

If you have any questions regarding your listening experiences then please email me. You will receive a link to my private network after purchasing for on going free support and advice with using my audios. 

Please do not listen / play whilst driving or needing your full focus.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Felt positive benefits nearly immediately

I really felt the positive benefits from the Releasing Narcisism Frequency Audios nearly immediately.

I felt less negative energy, even following world events. Really recommended as there is so much narcissism and negativity around at the moment.

Also I feel more detachment to the ' so not nice ' energy with a person in my life who has these narcissistic  tendencies and after listening I feel freer.  - this maybe helpful for some people  to know❤️

Thank you Michelle with all my ❤️