Releasing Travel / Motion Sickness
Michelle Carter - Divine Channel

Releasing Travel / Motion Sickness

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Take the Sickness out of Travel!

Feeling travel sick really does ruin a journey and it's not a good start or end to a holiday!

You can feel motion sickness in cars, buses, coaches, trains, boats and planes, so it affects most forms of transport, especially if it is bumpy!



 How much better would your holiday and your life be if you or a member of your family didn't suffer from travel sickness? It really is an unwanted feeling when you are travelling, it spoils the journey, making it like feel a never ending endurance test! 

Listening to this audio will reduce and release the energies that cause motion sickness, or kinetosis, as it is known medically. The sickness occurs when there is a difference in what we see with our eyes and what our inner ear is feeling, as our balanced is controlled inside our inner ear. This disharmony between sight and inner ear can be released and rebalanced with energy work.


The audio is suitable for all ages from babies to grandparents, so it is great for the whole family.

The energy work on this audio works on:

  • Filling all energies causing & creating motion sickness with Divine Light
  • Release all energies causing & creating motion sickness
  • Clearing all releasing energies
  • Filling with Divine Love & Light

This audio has been multi-layered with 10 layers of healing tracks to make it incredibly powerful for quicker results!

Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 2 mins 40

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