Releasing Emotional Eating & Weight Issues - 7 Audio Program
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Releasing Emotional Eating & Weight Issues - 7 Audio Program

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  • Release Negative Beliefs Around Your Eating & Weight
  • Affirm New Positive Beliefs
  • Fill with Love & Feel Better!


Release those patterns, beliefs and thoughts that are keeping you stuck in a body you don't love.

Using 'Will Power' isn't the solution, because 'emotional days' will out power our will power, so we need something that is more powerful than will power and will get results, changing us from the inside out!

If you are feeling any of these then this powerful audio program will help you!

  • Are you fed with constant diets and still not liking your figure? 
  • Do you emotionally eat when bored, feeling low and down?
  • Feel guilty afterwards and give yourself a hard time?
  • Find food to be a constant stress in your life?
  • Always worrying about what you eat?
  • Trying to eat all the right food and ending up disillusioned that you never eat food you enjoy and still don't look the way you desire?
  • Are you constantly checking you weight on the scales and allowing your happiness to be governed by what the scales say?
  • Do you feel guilty each time you eat something you do like and go into self hate for having done it?
  • Is eating a stress to you?
  • Do you just hate your body and have almost given up believing it can be improved?

Well if you've answered yes to any of the above questions then there is good news for you!

These specially designed audios will change your thoughts & beliefs about yourself, your weight, body shape and your eating habits, allowing you to transform into the body you desire, whilst choosing the food you eat and feeling inspired to be healthy!

Sound too good to be true?

Well, our thoughts are energy and have power, so what we think about ourselves, our food, eating habits and our bodies will have an influence on how healthy we are, how we look and how much we value and truly love ourselves. So many of our thoughts come from deep rooted hidden beliefs and patterns hidden in our energy field, which may have come from past lives and not even be ours! So why should we have to endure the consequences of living with these beliefs when they can be released and we can be free to be us!

If you would like to feel free to eat what you like without feeling guilty and feel that you're being healthy at the same time, then these audios are just what you need! So don't hesitate - because you deserve to have a body that you love when you look in the mirror.

Say good bye to constant diets and hello to Loving You!


Releasing Emotional Eating & Weight Issues - 7 Audio Program, mp3 downloads

As there are strict laws around alternative and holistic health products, I am not allowed to make any claims of healing.

How each person responds to this energy work will vary depending on their stored energy and the severity of their symptoms.

If you have any questions or queries about this energy work then please do email me for more information. 


This is a guided program where you will receive the 1st audio on booking and will receive on going emails with new downloads every few days. This ensures that you listen to the audios in the best and most efficient way possible and receive advice on each audio one step at a time. 


Audio 1 - Filling New Eating Beliefs

For any change to be permanent we need to replace the old unwanted energies with new beliefs that will serve us and give us what we desire.

This subtle but powerful audio will fill your mind with new beliefs allowing your body to guide you to eat a healthy, balanced and enjoyable diet, including all the foods you love!

When we are happy then our vibration is high so changing our beliefs will raise our vibration and the vibration of the food we eat, which reflects in a slimmer, healthier body!

Feel Good & Look Good & Enjoy Eating!

Audio 2 - Affirming New Eating Beliefs

Listening to this audio and Affirming these new eating beliefs will change your beliefs quicker and give you new healthy eating beliefs that will serve you and allow your body to self-regulate to it's natural healthy shape and weight.

I desire to love myself and my body, knowing that the more I do love my body then the quicker it will reflect this love to me in the mirror!

Just enjoy Your Life, Your Eating and Your Body!

Audio 3 - Releasing Eating Beliefs

Are your eating habits out of control or dominating your happiness? Are you always on a new diet, but nothing works?

This powerful audio will release your current eating beliefs, patterns & habits, including all beliefs that some foods will make you fat or put on weight and that you have to eat a boring, healthy diet to be slim, all beliefs that healthy foods don't taste good, releasing cravings to eat junk food and then feel guilty afterwards, all beliefs that you can't or shouldn't eat any junk food & move into allowing your body to know what food it needs to be healthy.

Be Free to Enjoy Whatever Food You Desire to Eat!

Audio 4 - Releasing Emotional Eating

Do you desire to be in control of your eating and put an end to excessive emotional eating for all the wrong reasons?

Then this powerful audio release is for you! It releases the causes of emotional eating including all patterns, beliefs and programming.

Let go of all those emotional issues that are stopping you from Loving Yourself and having eating habits that fit in with socializing and having fun. Enjoy your food and enjoy meals out!

Audio 5 - Filling New Body & Weight Beliefs

New beliefs about your body and your weight can totally change how you view yourself, how much you Love & Value yourself, which will in turn positively affect and reflect in Your Body Shape and Weight!

It can be hard to love yourself when you don't love what you see, so this Amazing Audio will change your programming so that you can learn to be kind to yourself and love yourself and allow yourself to blossom, and as your learn to be your own best friend then your body will reflect this inner harmony and allow your body to return to it's natural body shape and weight.

See Your Inner Beauty as it starts to Shine out more and more & Love the You you see in the mirror!

Audio 6 - Affirming New Body & Weight Beliefs

This audio will reinforce the above releasing and filling audios and so you can really affirm and believe your new body & weight beliefs allowing. Listen to and affirm these great new beliefs including:

I choose to accept that I am beautiful on the inside and the more I feel and focus on my inner beauty then the more this will shine out and be reflected in my physical body.

You will start to Love Yourself and focus on all your good points, allowing your body to transform through all the love it is receiving. Love Heals!

Audio 7 - Releasing Weight Loss

Is your weight ruling your life and constantly in your thoughts, affecting your self-confidence and whole life?

This powerful audio will release the causes of excess weight gain and not being able to maintain a healthy ideal body shape and weight, allowing You to be Free of being controlled by weight gain beliefs, patterns and beliefs.

Enjoy Your Body and Enjoy Your Life!

Bonus Audio - Super Clearing Transmission Audio 
This audio will clear away the releasing energies so you are not feeling healing crisis or releasing symptoms. It needs to be listened to after each releasing audio but you can also listen to it after the Filling and Affirming Audios. The clearer your energy is then the easier it is for the good to flow to you, without having the unwanted energies jamming up the flow!

We all know that any products to do with weight loss, diets and beauty cost a fortune, you can spend £1,000s and £1,000s and still not get good results! So now you can use the power of energy releasing and healing to change your body, in a totally healthy and safe way, in your own home and in your own time. Each time you listen to an audio it will work on a deeper level, so you are in total control of your transformation and you will be learning to Love Yourself at the same time.

So don't delay, book now because we all deserve to Love Ourselves and Our Bodies, it really is a basic starting point for a having a happy life.


If you would like to work very deeply, then check out my Shift the Frequency - Weight Gain audios, working to release and remove the frequency of addictions from your energy.


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