Releasing Blocks to Being Your True Inner Self
Michelle Carter - Divine Channel

Releasing Blocks to Being Your True Inner Self

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Are you living the life you desire?

It is so easy to become stuck in a rut, existing just to pay the bills.

This is not living this is existing!

You deserve better than this! 


Releasing Blocks to Being Your True Inner Self 

You deserve to live your life to your fullest potential and if you don't feel that is possible right now then that is because you have blocks that are stopping you Being Your True Inner Self and feeling how powerful your inner self and true potential is!

This 'Releasing Blocks to Being Your True Inner Self Audio' will work on releasing all the doubts, fears and lack of belief you may have stored that is working against you believing and feeling that a better life is possible for you.

The more you release the blocks and barriers the more open you will become to seeing, feeling and knowing Your True Inner Self, which is your inner guidance. When we are connected to our inner guidance we live life so differently, making different choices and improving our lives one small step at a time! 

All changes happens in stages, no one leaps from desperation to happiness or poverty to riches in one leap, it happens by lots of tiny steps that all keep moving you forwards into a better life. Take your first step to a better life today with this amazing audio to release the blocks that are stopping you from 'Being Your True Inner Self' and living your life to your fullest potential!

The energy work on this audio includes:

  • It Includes Filling with Divine Love, Light & Truth & blocks to you feeling & connecting to Your True Inner Self,
  • Releasing all fears of being blocked to feeling and being connected to Your True Inner Self.
  • All releasing & releasing symptoms are sent direct to source and filled with Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Truth & Wisdom.
  • Asking that you can easily connect to your inner guidance and feel Your True Inner Self, connect to your inner joy, wisdom and enjoy just Being You!

My audios are multi-layered with 10 layers of healing tracks to make it incredibly powerful for quicker results! There is a noticeable difference in the power!

Audio - mp3 download, Approx length: 4 mins 20

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