Releasing Being Disorganised
Michelle Carter - Divine Channel

Releasing Being Disorganised

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Clear Your Mind By Clearing Your Space!






Are You Feeling Disorganised, Untidy & Feeling Clutter in Your Mind?

Is all of this negatively affecting your life and stopping you from achieving your dreams and desires?

Not knowing what to focus on and having constant 'to do lists' in your head creates stress, which can build up and cause illness. 

This audio works on:

  • Releasing all worry, stress, confused
  • Releasing clutter and untidiness
  • Releasing lists of things to do in your head
  • Releasing not feeling good enough, unworthy & causes of being disorganised
  • Fills your mind with peace and stillness
  • Being guided to work on one step at a time
  • Focusing on the most important task in each moment
  • Be calmer, and more organised in your life

Whilst I was recording this audio and listening to the finished edited audios, I noticed that I had been tidying up my computer folders and files without even thinking about it, not something I used to do very often so I am very impressive with these results!

When we feel less cluttered in our mind, it is much easier to be connected to our guidance and feel and focus on the most important task to do in each moment.

When we release all the energies that are causing us to be dis-organised in any way, we do instantly feel so much freer, happier and lighter!

This audio is multi-layered with 10 layers of healing tracks to make it incredibly powerful for quicker results! There is a noticeable difference in the power!

Audio - mp3 download, Approx length: 4 mins 35

"Thank you. The download has been received and I already completed 2 chores I have put off for weeks!"  -  Jean

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