Pure Transmission - November 2023
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Pure Transmission - November 2023

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Powerful Pure Transmission

Flowing Pure Energies to Your Mind, Heart & Soul 




Pure Transmission - November 2023

As I have worked on my own energy more and more, my channel has become more powerful and so I felt it was time I recorded a new transmission using Pure Love, Light, Peace and Stillness so you can experience this beautiful and powerful energy flowing to you in an audio. 

This powerful transmission fills and flows Pure energy to your mind, heart and soul, starting with flowing Pure Peace and Stillness to you mind, so your mind can be still and quiet whilst you enjoy and feel the energy flowing to your heart and soul. 

I then flow Pure Love to your heart, feeling this fill your heart and Pure Light to your soul.  


You will be amazed at how peaceful and calm you will feel after listening to this short audio, what a difference 5 minutes can make!

Your mind will feel calmer, free of mind chatter and negative thoughts, feeling a sense of peace and stillness.

Your heart will open so you feel more love and connection to others, and you will feel a deeper soul connection also.

The Pure Energies will raise your frequency and allow higher wisdom to flow to you.

The energy will keep working deeper and deeper the more you listen to get more profound results.

Energy Work

The energy work includes:

  • Filling your mind with Pure Peace & Stillness
  • Filling your heart with Pure Love
  • Filling your soul with Pure Light

Includes one of my favourite quotes by Helen Keller, which I feel opens your heart as I say it. 

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or toucher, but must be felt with your heart. 

Audio Details

Audio - mp3 download

Length: Approx 5 mins

Caution: Please do not listen whilst driving, may cause drowsiness or even fall asleep whilst listening. 

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