Pure Protection Package
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Pure Protection Package

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Feel Protected & Safe with these Powerful Audios   

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Powerful Energy Work to Raise Your Energy & Repel Attacking Energies. 


Pure Protection 6 Audio Package 

This package has been put together to give you the most powerful energy audios to feel safe and protected.

If you are feeling or being attacked by dark energies, entities, psychic attacks or even physical attacks then these audios will work together to raise your vibration and repel the attacking energies.

      Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness

      Having a high frequency is so important because:

      • It acts as protection being in a higher frequency
      • Makes all other energy work much easier to do
      • Feels good!

      I recommend that 'Floating into Realms of Pure Stillness' is done before starting any protection, spell releasing energy work so that your higher frequency is working for you and making the whole process easier. 

      This powerful floating audio will also create peace and stillness in your mind, reducing the mind chatter which is releasing one form of feeling attacked and stressed through constant mind chatter. When our mind is still and peaceful, life feels so much easier and is is easier to feel guidance and Pure energies flowing to us.

      The higher your frequency then the better your life becomes!

      The Floating energy work on the audio includes:

      • Floating your Mind into Realms of Pure Peace & Pure Stillness
      • Feeling the Pure Power of Pure Peace & Pure Stillness flow through your Mind
      • Feeling Pure Peace, Pure Truth & Pure Stillness in your Mind
      • Floating into the Pure Power of Pure Peace & Pure Stillness
      • Floating - Floating - Floating

      And it is working on the following areas of your energy:

      • Your Mind
      • Your Sinuses
      • Your 3rd Eye
      • Your Throat, Communication & Expression
      • Your Spirit & Emotions
      • Your Heart
      • Your Soul
      • Your Energy Field
      • Your Whole Being
      • Your 'I AM Energy'


      There is the main track throughout, with two 'echo' tracks fading into and out of your left and right headphones to emphasise the words and energies of 'Pure Stillness' and "Floating'. This makes the audio so much more powerful.

      The audio has layers of silent backing tracks to:

      • Clear the releasing energies direct to source so you don't feel them
      • Work on deeper layers of your energy going through all time, space and dimensions
      • Fill and Floating you into the vibration of Pure Love

      Audio - mp3 download, Length:  Approx 13.5 mins

      Clearing for Intense Energy Work

      When we are doing powerful energy work, especially releasing and repelling dark energies and black magic, then these lower energies can be felt as they are released. Feeling the energies is not pleasant as the energies are evil by nature and will be evil as they release!

      This audio has been designed to keep clearing the releasing energies out of your energy field so you are feeling them as they leave.  


      This powerful audio has 3 layers of 'Clearing off earth' on silent, working in the background as you listen to 'Floating into Realms of Pure Peace & Stillness' which is keeping your vibration as high as possible to assist in clearing out these nasty energies! What you hear on this audio is very similar to my Floating into Realms of Pure Peace & Stillness' Audio, but it is the powerful silent layers that are different and doing all of the clearing away of the unwanted energies. I like people to have the most enjoyable experience possible and hearing and feeling the Pure Peace & Stillness is much more nurturing then hearing 'Clearing all energies out of your energy and off earth'!

      Approx length: 6 mins - mp3 download (Can be played on loop) 

      Floating Above Spells & Curses

      The Floating Above Spells & Curses Audio is a very powerful way to remove spells, curses and witchcraft that have been placed on you and your belongings. Any of our belongings can also be affected by spells and curses, often our computers, phones or cars will play up for no reason and then when this spells & curses audio is played the issues just go!

      This audio is truly amazing & has been called a piece of Divine Magic! It is very powerful and will not only work on spells & curses placed on you but will also work, when played on loop, for your computer and belongings.

      Spells are very nasty energy and can happen at any time and appear totally random to you, or you could think that you're being clumsy or unlucky. Many people go through their whole lives thinking it is them and have no idea that they are actually being affected by spells and curses.

      If you are feeling attacked or cursed then chances are that you are because our feelings are pretty accurate! So many people don't believe that spells and curses actually exist so this can cause us to doubt what we are feeling.

      Society is very mind programmed and this is a subject that most people either don't want to discuss or think it is a load of rubbish! This can make it really hard to get the help needed to release spells and curses, and have control of your life back!

      Doing nothing will not change what is happening! Powerful specific energy work is needed to shift out this nasty spell and curse energy from you and your life.

      Spells & curses can include:

      • Odd accidents & injuries?
      • Cuts & burns?
      • Always accident prone?
      • Acne, warts, veruccas, moles?
      • Grey hair, hair loss, premature ageing?
      • Patterns of bad that don't shift?
      • Relationships always going wrong?
      • Jobs and money feeling cursed?

      This audio really is a God send to those people whose lives are being plagued by spells and curses. Many situations and issues are actually caused by a spell or curse without us even knowing this. Recent work on a group has shown that allergies, hay fever etc. can respond well to the spells and curses audio. (This does vary from person to person and not everyone is affected by spells and curses, in fact many people are not.)

      Sometimes an issue can be dark energies and sometimes it can be spells and curses and the right release is needed to shift the issue. It is a good idea to work with the Spells & Curses Audio first to release any spell energy and then move onto the dark energy audios afterwards.

      Length: Approx 8 mins (mp3 download)

      Pure Source Light Protection 

      Using Pure Source Light is incredibly powerful, and I have been using it throughout my energy work, often having it playing on silent loop whilst doing energy work and throughout live calls.

      Some of the energy work I do with clients to release and remove dark energies and entities is with really nasty energies and this audio along with my Pure Light  Protection Image and Floating Above Spells and Curses really keep me and my computer safe from attacks when doing this energy work.  


      So many people these days are feeling attacked from invisible energies. It can be really hard to shift out of this if you don't know what is going on and many people are not open to talking about this!

      If you are feeling attacked then this Pure Light Protection Audio will help you to feel safer and more protected, especially when doing releasing work on dark energies which can create a bit of a stir!

      Light-workers really value and appreciate this audio, along with all my work to release and get rid of dark energies and being attacked.


      The audio fills you and your energy field with Pure Source Light to protect you and repel dark energies attacking you. Also you can use this audio to clear any space you are in, your home, car, computer and belongings and take it out with you to feel safe when on the move.

      This Pure Light Protection audio has the protection work being done in a very powerful silent layer, so you hear the calming and filling layer, whilst the protection energy work is being done really powerfully behind the scenes.

      There are over 10 additional layers of energy work and some of these layers are multi-layered, making this audio very powerful and includes clearing the releasing energies away and filling you with Pure Love & Light, as it protects you.

      Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx. 4 mins - (can be looped)

      Filling & Floating with Pure Love

      Not feeling loved causing so many emotional issues that get stored in our energy and disrupt and mess up our lives! More love can only be good! The more love energies we have stored in us the easier our life is going to flow!

      Here are some of the amazing benefits of being filled and floated into Pure Love:

      • You feel loved and so find it easy to give, receive and flow love to others
      • You are emotionally balanced and feel happy
      • You are strong through feeling loved, safe and secure
      • You feel Light and floaty with the floating energies!
      • As your vibration floats higher you attract more love to you!

      When we don't feel loved then there is so much negativity that is stored inside of us that is attracting more negativity and low energies to us.

      People who don't feel loved are more likely to suffer from:

      • Depression, desperation and feeling suicidal
      • Feeling not good enough, not worthy or deserving
      • Low self esteem and self-confidence
      • Lower immune system and health issues
      • Emotionally fragile and easily upset
      • Being a target for abuse and nasty behaviour
      • Being attacked energetically and psychically
      • Feeling isolated and cut off
      • Prone to addictions, self abuse and destructive behaviour

      The list could go on and on, but I'm sure you're getting the picture as to how important it is to have love in your energy. We attract what is stored in us, so the more love energy or 'love magnets' be have in us the more we are attracting love and good to us!

      Filling with Pure Love has so many benefits that it is crazy not to be doing this! And if we then add lots of Floating energies in this makes the experience much lighter, higher and more powerful, so if you'd like to really raise your vibration with Pure Love and feeling floaty then this is your audio!

      Not only will you feel so much lighter and more loving but these beautiful Pure Love and Floating energies will help move you from thinking to feeling, as the Pure Love feeling flows through your heart energy and then raises you into even higher Pure Love vibrations. It is through 'feeling' that we are connected to our Divine connection and discernment, which is so necessary to stay on a higher Divine path through life.


      This is a very simple but incredibly powerful audio. The words are "Floating, Floating, Floating, Filling with Pure Love" repeated throughout the audio, with multi-layering.

      The vibration of the words "Pure Love" is very high, much higher than the vibration of Love or Divine Love, so hearing these words repeated is a very powerful way to fill your energy with vibrations of Pure Love.

      If you are lacking love energies or magnets then this audio will really help you to fill up with the essential energies that are like food to our emotions.

      Layering: Multi-layered and echo through the left and right headphones enhances the audio and increases it's power.

      Audio - mp3 download, Length: Approx 4 mins

      Cutting Ties and Bonds

      Cutting & Releasing Ties & Bonds - Archangel of Michael

      Cutting ties is an important process to release all negative emotions and stored feelings and memories connecting us to other people and also to situations we have been through.

      When we cut ties we are only cutting the negative aspects that connect us, as 'Pure' exists naturally and cannot be removed or taken away.

      We will feel so much better after cutting ties especially for:

      • After arguments and disagreements with anyone
      • Separating and getting divorced
      • Leaving home
      • Leaving school, college or jobs
      • Moving house
      • Being abused, attacked, raped
      • Feeling traumatised by any event

      Cutting ties is separating us and our energy from who or whatever we are cutting ties to so we can move without the negative energy, emotions and memories affecting us and haunting us. It's a bit like clearing out our cupboards but internally with our energy and getting rid of all that we don't want.

      The audio starts by releasing any resistance you may have to cutting the ties and bonds you have with others, through beliefs that you may be cutting good bonds as well as the harmful bonds. It then asks Archangel Michael to cut and release all ties and bonds you have with your parents and family members, any other people you have known and all other energetic links that have influenced your life. The Angel of Love fills you to overflowing with love & joy and both Archangel Michael and the Angel of Love protect and guide you every day.

      This is a powerful release, releasing through all time. If you have deep bonds that are not serving you, then you may need to listen regularly until all of the bonds have been cut through all layers of energetic links.

      Audio: mp3 download, approx length 2 mins 45s 

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