Pure Light Protection Image with Infused Energy Work
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Pure Light Protection Image with Infused Energy Work

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  • Stunning Divinely Infused Pure Light Protection Image 
  • Feel safe and protected when you carry this image around with you.
  • Includes Remote Infused Energy Work done weekly to keep your images fully infused with Pure Love, Light & Protection.

Pure Protection Image

This beautiful picture is infused with Pure Love & Light to give you Pure Light Protection will raise the vibration around the image and help to keep you feeling safe and protected.

Receive powerful remote Pure Love, Light & Protection Energy remotely through your protection image, infused weekly to ensure the images are always working for you! This has to be the most amazing and affordable way to carry protection energy around with you!

Keep your Pure Light Protection images:

  • By your front door 
  • In each room of your home
  • In your car
  • Your purse, wallet or bag
  • Use on your keyring or locket
  • At work
  • By your computer
  • In your spouse's car or children's car
  • Your spouse's wallet, purse or bag
  • In school bags for your children
  • Make a grid with 4 images for meditation, energy work and to make a sacred space

You can print up to 10 copies of this beautiful picture per purchase and place them where ever you need to keep you, your home and family safe.

Just print off your images, place them where you want the protection - the images will be remotely charged for you, as it is infused daily through by my audios being played on loop, with this Pure Protection Image being my desktop background on my audio screen.

So you don't need to anything to clear or recharge your Pure Light Protection Cards, it will all be done for you by remote energy!


  • 2 Download files of the image -approx A5 size & a smaller credit card size
  • Remote energy work to infuse 10 printed copies of your Pure Light Protection image

You can print your 10 images yourself or use your download image at a print shop.

Your download image will be rectangular, with a white border and not square as seen in the product image above. There will be no copyright watermark on it.

(This beautiful image has been painted by Pavel Tymoshenko)

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