Positive Mercury Retrograde
Michelle Carter Divine Channel

Positive Mercury Retrograde

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Do You Dread Mercury Retrograde or Full Moons?

The Planets can have a profound affect on us and our moods, and make our lives particularly challenging!

Listening to this audio regularly before mercury goes retrograde will reduce the negative impact of mercury retrograde phases will have on you and your life.


Positive Mercury Retrograde

This audio was recorded during a Full Blood Moon, channeling and using these energies to maximise the power of the planets to work for us and not against us. The power of the planets has been channeled along with Divine Energies to really make this a powerful audio, to make your life during mercury retrograde as positive and easy as possible.

The audio releases negative beliefs around mercury retrograde, fills you and all energies with positive Divine energies and fills the period of mercury retrograde with Divine Joy & Flow.

I recommend you listen once a day during the retrograde period. If you are used to my powerful energies then you can listen more often. Listening through headphones will make the audio more powerful again.

Knowing you are doing something positive to change the negative affects that planets have on us will in itself reduce the stress and worry that you have during these times.

To really make this audio incredibly powerful this audio has also been layered with 10 layers of backing tracks, embedded into the audio so that all energies are released with ease and the space is filled immediately with Divine Light and other Divine Energies.

Audio - mp3 download, Approx length: 1 min 30 (can be looped)

Just bought it...listening to it....VERY POWERFUL !!!! Thank you Michelle!!"
  -  Suze, USA

I bought the mercury retrograde, full moon releasing, physical body, and empath audios. I love them all! I listen to them everyday, and then I loop the divine protection/releasing/mercury retrograde audios. They make me feel like nothing bad is going to happen to me. Thank you for your wonderful work!"  - Anna

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