New Energy, New Life!
Michelle Carter

New Energy, New Life!

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10 Powerful Audios to Change Your Life!

If you want different results then you need to do something different!




If your Energy Field is filled with negative energies then the Law of Attraction is working against you, with the most predominant energy being the biggest attracting magnet. Most probably something you don’t want!  


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results!” – Albert Einstein 

Change Your Energy & Change You!  

  • Spring  Cleaning Your Energy Field
  • Clear Out from Past Lives
  • Do a Daily Cleanse am & pm
  • Stop Picking other People’s Energies
  • Release Energies that are not Yours

Cleansing Your Energy Field and Filling with Pure Love & Light will allow the Law of Attraction to bring good to you. We cannot attract what is not stored in our energy field. 

With all the Global Energies and Light coming to our planet, living through our feelings, emotions and guidance will transform your life, allowing prosperity and Divine Flow into your life.

Divine Magic exists - it is there, always – we have just been in the wrong vibration, living through our minds and beliefs. When we live from our heart and soul energy we can shift into the Divine vibrations and experience this amazing Divine Flow & Magic.


It is like the sun is always shining, but if it is cloudy we don’t see or feel it. 

Cleansing Your Energy is like always being the sun side of the clouds & in Divine Flow!

Don’t Fight the Laws of the Universe  

Work with them & Be in Divine Flow

This program of powerful audios will cleanse your energy, fill with Pure Love & Light so you attract good into your life.

Includes the following mp3 downloads:

  • 4 Powerful Cleansing Audios
  • 2 Empath Audios
  • 2 Powerful Filling Audios
  • Clearing Transmission
  • Pure Source Light Protection Audio 


Cleansing Your Energy Field - Daily AM


Did you know that you can collect unwanted energies during the night?

Well with this super short audio, in less than 2 minutes you can release these energies and fill your day with high vibrations & magical surprises to really start your day in a great mood!

Listen each morning and make it apart of your getting up routine, along

with cleaning your teeth, because your energy has a much bigger impact on your life than your teeth! A super powerful way to start your day, in less than 2 minutes.

mp3 download - approx 1min 17 secs


Cleansing Your Energy Field - Daily PM

 And now, knowing that you pick up energies in your sleep, how many unwanted energies do we collect during our day?

Consider how much interacting with other people we do, either in person or via the Internet.

  • How many websites do you connect with each day?
  • People on facebook or social media?
  • If you’re in social media groups, how many people is that connecting you with?
  • & your email box, and all those junk emails?
  • Not to mention traffic queues, supermarkets and I think you’re getting the picture!

The amount of unwanted energy we collect during a day is far greater than the amount of debris we collect on our teeth. Would you not clean your teeth each night? I don’t think so, yet millions of people do not cleanse their energy each night – this is crazy behavior, all because we aren’t energy informed like we are teeth hygiene informed.

Playing this audio before going to sleep will release the energies you have picked up during the day that are not yours, Fill with Divine Energies, and ask that you have a peaceful night's sleep, waking feeling refreshed and full of vitality! Again all in less than 2 minutes, has to be worth the effort to press play before going to sleep!

mp3 download - approx 1min 17 secs


Cleansing through Your Life

So now you are working on your energy every morning and night, but what about all those energies you’ve already stored throughout your life?

Don’t panic! This incredibly powerful audio will sort that! It releases and clears all energies you have picked up throughout your life, starting with all energies you have stored during the last week, then the month and year, onto the last 10 years, 20 years, 30 years and ending with the whole of your life, & whilst in your mother's womb. So pretty thorough!

What would our homes, car, hair or teeth look and feel like if we had never cleaned them all our lives – YUK!! Not something we even want to imagine, so it’s really time to spring clean your energy field, get rid of all those unwanted magnets working against you and allow the good to flow!

Imagine how much lighter, brighter, freer and more positive you are going to feel after doing some major energy spring cleaning! So obvious when you hear about it, yet something so many haven’t heard or don’t do.

If you want to change your life, then you have to change your energy field, and that starts with this major spring clean!

You energy is going to be so much cleaner and clearer after a few weeks of listening to this audio every couple of days.

This audio is incredibly powerful and is working on very deep layers that you may not notice immediately, so please don’t over listen and release too much in one day!

mp3 download - approx 5mins 46 secs


Cleansing Past Lives


Wanting to take the next step?

Well after feeling the energy shifting out and releasing from your day, night and whole of your life, can you imagine the bad energy you’re storing from past lives?

Scary thought and we have been so oblivious to all of this! Well, now you know you can take action to change this.

If we look at an iceberg, we see the ice above the water, but the majority of the ice is hidden under the water and this is the same with our energy.

We work hard on our thoughts, beliefs, self-talk and think that will create shift for us, but often it doesn’t and that is because we have so much bad energy stored deep within us that we know nothing about, and past lives definitely hold loads of unwanted energy!

This audio is short, but incredibly powerful, like WOW powerful! So please treat it with respect and take this one really slowly! Only listen once a week maximum to start with because this is working really deep, through all past lives and back to the beginning of time! Going super deep, so it will take a while for these energies to surface and process.

mp3 download - approx min 42 secs


Audio Release - Everything that Is Not Me


Most people awakening and doing energy work are very empathic

and easily pick up other people’s feelings, emotions and thoughts.

This powerful audio releases everything that is not you or yours -

all thoughts, feelings, emotions and low vibrations that are not you.

It is deceptively powerful, especially when played on loop, even on silent, so you can take this audio out with you whilst shopping, going to work and keep it looping 24/7 to reduce the energies you pick up from others.

After a few days, you will feel more peaceful with a quieter mind and less chatter in your head! This audio always receives huge praise from empathic people, feeling they have been given their lives back!

Truly a must for all empathic souls!

mp3 download - approx 1 min, (play on loop)


Audio Release - Your Infinite Being


Following on from the last audio, ‘Release Everything that is not Me’,  releases all the

damage that has been done from picking up and collecting other people’s energies, not just in this life but from past lives.

It includes releasing:- beliefs, patterns and programming that have made you feel weird or wrong for what you have felt during your life, leading to feelings of despair, not good enough, low self-esteem and depression.

So much of what is stored in our energy, isn’t who we really are at all, it is programming that has been imposed on us. This audio will free you from all that is not your ‘True Self’ so you can feel lighter, freer and more able to choose and be in control of your life.

‘Release Everything that is not Me’ works really deeply through all time so please start off slowly and don’t over-release.

mp3 download - approx 3mins 30 secs



Super Clearing Transmission


Sometimes we have lots of energies releasing and we can feel overwhelmed by this, feeling the bad energies going and not the good.

This can happen when we get over excited with new audios and listen too much and overdo it!

So this Clearing Transmission has been especially designed to clear all these unwanted energies out so we can feel light, clear and good again!

You can play this audio on loop and it also works on silent. I recommend you loop this audio whenever you are listening to any of my audios, or just loop it all the time, especially when we have a full moon and intense global energies going on.

mp3 download -  Approx. 5 mins - (can be looped)



Filling with Pure Source Light


This is a very simple but incredibly powerful audio. The words are ‘Filling with Pure Source Light’ repeated throughout the audio, with multi-layering, so you will hear these words at different volumes and through different headphones.

The power in this audio is amazing. Great for clearing a room, space, protection or to raise your vibration or shift out energies after lots of releasing work.

mp3 download - Length: Approx 2 mins  (can be played on loop)



Filling with Pure Love


This is a very simple but incredibly powerful audio. The words are ‘Filling with True Pure Love’ repeated throughout the audio, with multi-layering, so you will hear these words at different volumes and through different headphones.

The vibration of the words ‘True Pure Love’ is very high, much higher than the vibration of Love or Pure Love, so hearing these words repeated is a very powerful way to fill your energy with vibrations of Pure Love.

If you are lacking ‘love energies or magnets’ then this audio will really help you to fill up with the essential energies that are like food to our emotions.

mp3 download - Length: Approx 2 mins  (can be played on loop)


Pure Source Light Protection Audio


 Feel safe and protected by this powerful audio that fills you and your energy field with Pure Source Light and also the space you are in, your home, your car, computer and belongings. Play this audio at least twice a day to cleanse you and your home, or play on silent and loop to feel safe and protected wherever you go.

 With the current shift and crazy energies, this audio is a real must for everyone! You will so value it when you feel the power it has!

mp3 download - Approx. 4 mins - (can be looped)


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