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Michelle Carter

Breaking Free - Audio A

Breaking Free - Audio A

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Breaking Free Audios

In 2018 I did a Breaking Free Program which included live calls with a group of Light Souls, and in these calls we shared and brain stormed all the different ways that we have been attacked and ways that we know the dark does attack us.

This list was long and quite shocking! Between us we uncovered a lot, and I learnt of different attacks that I hadn't experienced and known about, so it was very enlightening. After we had done these sharing calls, I put together and recorded Audios 1 -7, which when you read what each audio covers, it is a lot attacking!

On working with these audios it soon became apparent that there was some reversing going on, what we were doing was getting undo, so I created two more audios for extra issues that needed to be worked on prior to starting with the audios 1-7. I have since combined these two Audios A & B into one Audio A.

To prevent any undoing and reversing of the audio energy work:

Audio A  needs to be done before the rest of the program

Breaking Free Audio A - Releasing Linking, Reversing & Twisting


Linking is when two or more issues are linked together energetically, like ties between people and this makes it harder for these energies to be released, especially if many energies / issues are all linked together.

Releasing the linking is separating the energies out so that they can be released individually which is much easier than trying to release them as one massive bunch or big magnetic force, which is what they are energetically!


This is when any energy work and progress you have made from using any of my audios gets reversed. 

This has been going on, I and others experienced it and that is why it has been included in this 'pre' audio before starting on the other big energy audios.

It is so frustrating to say the least to have all your work and effort just undone and reversed, so this is essential before doing anything else!


Twisting is changing what energy work is being done into something else, or changing the issues into something else so they can escape the energy work.

You could say it's a kind of shapeshifting the energy to either avoid the releasing and still be there as something else, or changes what your intentions are for something undesirable to happen instead.

In either case, this is not what we want and also needs to be worked on before doing the major work included in audios 1 -7.

Audios 1 - 7

Powerful energy work to Break Free of matrix, grids, webs, and all evil.

These audios have been designed to free you from all areas of life and all types of evil.

Through years of working to release, cut and disconnect from dark and evil energies and spells, curses and black magic, I have discovered that this type of energy work is less sabotaged if the evil energies don't know what is being done, so the powerful energy work on this series is done silently whilst you hear Filling and Floating energy to raise your vibration as high as possible and make the energy work easier to do.

You can find the full details of my Breaking Free Audios 1 - 7 on my network, which you can join for free, link in your email when purchasing Audio A

Each of the audios works in a different area including:

Reversing, switching, triggers, patterns, programming

Cutting ties, lower realms, dependency & co-dependency

Reflections, projections and holograms,

Anchors, grounding, chains, matrices, grids

Manipulation, conning, spells, curses, black magic

And so much more!

They are incredibly powerful so other audios will be needed to use with this program, these audios include a powerful Clearing Audio and also Filling and Floating Audios.

Here are the audios I recommend as being needed for this program:

If you would like more information about this program then please email me.

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Customer Reviews

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S Lee
These have been very powerful in my life and I thank you for creating all your wonderful programs...

You're dark program and protection mp3's I have used for a very long time and I play them on silent at work or when I am sleeping and I cherish them like pure gold!!
When you are under attack you really see what works and how much.
These have been very powerful in my life and I thank you for creating all your wonderful programs and work!!