Love & Self-Love - 5 Audio Package
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Love & Self-Love - 5 Audio Package

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Loving Ourselves Improves Our Life!

When we start to really love ourselves on a deep level then our life does change. 

Abundance, self-worth, success are all tied in to how much we love ourselves, so not loving and valuing yourself is so damaging to your whole life.


Love & Self-Love

When we look at our issues and problems and ask 'what is the root cause of this?', nearly all issues will come down to the person not feeling good enough, loved, worthy in some way. Often they haven't felt loved from birth or haven't be praised and treated with flowing love, so they don't show and treat themselves with love. This is actually very destructive as we will have negative self-talk and not do things to value, appreciate and look after ourselves.

Listening to these 5 powerful audios will help to release the blocks that are stopping you from loving yourself and living a happier life.

Love & Self-Love - 5 Audio Package

These audios are mp3 downloads

These audios have been specially designed to work together to get you really "Feeling Love for Yourself".

  • Audio Release - Affirming Self-Love
  • Audio Release - Releasing Ties & Bonds - Archangel of Michael
  • Audio Release - Releasing Heart Walls
  • Audio - Self Love, I Release to Be Me!
  • Audio Release - The Angel of Love Releases You

Audio Release - Affirming Self-Love

Includes a written document and an audio of statements to affirm your Self-Love, such as:

  • I deserve to be loved, just the way I am
  • I am Open & Receptive to All Good
  • I choose to put me First!
  • I (choose to) feel my love for me NOW
  • I thank myself for choosing to love & accept me, just the way I am, Now & Forever

Listening to these statements and reading them will change the way you feel and treat yourself when done with the other audios and energy work.

Audio Release - Releasing Ties & Bonds - Archangel of Michael

Cutting ties is an important process to release all negative emotions and stored feelings and memories connecting us to other people and also situations we have been through. When we cut ties we are only cutting the negative aspects that connect us as 'Pure' exists naturally and cannot be removed or taken away. We will feel so much better after cutting ties especially for:

  • After arguments and disagreements with anyone
  • Separating and getting divorced
  • Leaving home
  • Leaving school, college or jobs
  • Moving house
  • Being abused, attacked, raped
  • Feeling traumatised by any event

Cutting ties is separating us and our energy from who or whatever we are cutting ties to so we can move without the negative energy, emotions and memories affecting us and haunting us. It's a bit like clearing out our cupboards but internally with our energy and getting rid of all that we don't want.

The audio starts by releasing any resistance you may have to cutting the ties and bonds you have with others, through beliefs that you may be cutting good bonds as well as the harmful bonds. It then asks Archangel Michael to cut and release all ties and bonds you have with your parents and family members, any other people you have known and all other energetic links that have influenced your life. The Angel of Love fills you to overflowing with love & joy and both Archangel Michael and the Angel of Love protect and guide you every day.

This is a powerful release, releasing through all time. If you have deep bonds that are not serving you, then you may need to listen regularly until all of the bonds have been cut through all layers of energetic links.

Audio Release - Releasing Heart Walls

When we have spent many years not feeling loved we often build up heart barriers or walls to 'protect' us from being emotionally hurt. However these barriers don't protect us at all, they actually stop us feeling and flowing love so we live feeling cut off and isolated from others, maybe being a loner or having commitment issues.

We need to release these heart barriers and walls using powerful energy channeling so we can feel flowing love through our hearts which allows us to give and receive pure love to others and ourselves.

There are two audios:

  • The first release has been written in the 1st person, so you are releasing yourself as you hear the words. It releases all heart walls you may have across all times, which you have built to protect yourself from feeling unloved either from yourself or from others.
  • The 2nd release is The Angel of Love releasing all your heart walls across all times & dimensions. As with all the Angel of Love releases, this is very powerful and you will feel noticeably lighter and happier after listening to it.

Some people may release all their heart walls with 1 or 2 plays, but most people will need to listen many times to release all the heart walls throughout the whole of your life.

If you have always had a feeling of being unhappy and not known why then releasing heart walls is much needed to really feel love.

Audio - Self Love, I Release to Be Me!

How can we truly love ourselves if we have loads of negative mind chatter going on inside our heads?

This audio releases reasons why we don't feel we can love ourselves from the whole of your mind, body, spirit & energy field, and across eternal life-times, making it a powerful release, for all those conditioned beliefs we appear to have inherited or picked up from outside influences, stopping us from loving ourselves, without judgement.

Audio Release - The Angel of Love Releases You

This is a powerful Angel of Love Release, releasing all energies and vibrations not in alignment with your love for yourself.

The release is recorded as The Angel of Love releases YOU, which is more powerful than a release recorded in the 1st person as I & Me. It ends with The Angel of Love filling you and all energies released to overflowing with Pure Divine Love, Light, Peace & Harmony.

This release is powerful as it releases deeply across eternity through all life times and not just in the present moment.

Hi all, just want to thank you Michelle, the latest live call you did Michelle worked so great on releasing my heart barriers. So thankful and feeling so wonderful!! The first week after the call I repeated listen to the live call replay and releasing heart barriers audio sometimes on loop when I had any day off work, and not to my surprise I felt terrible whilst releasing, totally exhausted and low for a couple of days, but now the last days WOW, I feel so great! Feeling so much more open and free and no fears around showing love to my man any longer... also feel more like I have a deeper understanding for others."   -  Annelie (Sweden)

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