Going Deep Program - Free of Evil
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Going Deep Program - Free of Evil

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  • For Light Souls feeling and being attacked!

  • Powerful Progressive 6 Audio Program  

  • Going Deep to the Start of evil attacking Light Souls 


Going Deep Program

My Going Deep Programs are for Light Souls who have already done so much energy work and yet they still feel stuck, attacked and not able to get free of the attacking and move into feeling carefree, happy and having an effortless flowing life!

It is very powerful energy work and Going Deep means just that! In my Going Deep programs we are going back to the start of the issue, however deep or however many lifetimes away that was for you!

Free of Evil Program


This program has been specially designed for those who are used to my energy work and have already worked with other audios and remote work with me and now wish to go deep to the core of the issue, in this case the core of being attacked, sabotaged and being connected to evil in various ways.

The depth of this program means the energies that are being released and revoked are very nasty and this is why you need to have already worked with my other audios first.

If you are new to my work then do check out my other Light and dark audios first.


This Going Deep Free of Evil Program will go to the start of the being attacked by evil and being connected to evil and will work forwards through time to now, making sure that all time and all energies are worked on. For this reason the program does need to be done in order starting with this first audio. 

 Energy work in this program includes:

  • Ungrounding
  • Un-anchoring
  • Unlinking
  • Cutting
  • Disconnecting
  • Revoking
  • Releasing
  • Repelling
  • Filling to Overflowing
  • Engulfing
  • Floating
  • Clearing

From all energies causing:

  • Black magic, spells, curses etc
  • Dark energies attacking you
  • Grids. webs and matrix energy / connections
  • Demon connections, energies and contracts
  • And all evil attacking you or connecting to you / your energy in any way


This program contains 6 audios:

  • 1 Filling Going Deep - Free of Evil Audio
  • 5 Going Deep Free from Evil Program Audios

The Filling Going Deep - Free of Evil Audio is to be used before and after each of the 5 Going Deep Program Audios 1 -5. It can also be played on it's own or added to other playlists you may have and once you are used to it you can loop this audio.

The 5 Going Deep Program Audios are progressive and need to be worked with one at a time. When you feel the amount of energy releasing and leaving with audio 1 has reduced to not much then you can progress on to Audio 2 and so on. 

All of the 5 program audios are working on the same issue, all energies stopping you from being free of evil, with each audio working on a different time of the attacking from the start of the attacking to now.

I have been guided to not share any more information about what is on the audios so that this really powerful energy work cannot be sabotaged. It is so important that Light souls can finally be free of evil in all forms and attacking of them to be able to move into feeling their full Pure Light Power and living in Divine flow, feeling carefree and Divinely supported. However you can find full details of these audios on my network after purchasing Audio 1.


Each audio has a track that you hear with echo fading in and out of the left and right headphones, making the audio even more powerful if you listen through headphones. 

The main energy work for audios 1-5 is a silent track and includes the exceptionally powerful energy work to release, cut and disconnect you and your energy from ALL ENERGIES acting on you from the start of this being an issue for you. For some people this will be going back through many, many lifetimes and for others it will be less.

This has been done as a silent layer for two reasons:

  1. If your conscious mind doesn't know what energy work is being done in the moment then it cannot sabotage it!
  2. It is more enjoyable to listen to the positive filling than hearing all the releasing and disconnecting being done

Other silent layers on Audios 1 -5 include:

  • Ungrounding, releasing stuck grounded in energy causing blocks
  • Clearing all releasing energies out of your energy field
  • Filling with Pure Energies and Pure Light to Overflowing
  • Floating into Higher Realms

These silent layers are working throughout the audios to maximise the power of the audio and ensure that all energies are cleared out of your energy field as quickly as possible and the space created is filled with Pure energy to raise your vibration and with floating being done throughout too to really keep your vibration as high as possible throughout the audio. 

This means feeling less intense releasing symptoms and feeling more of the good whilst having even more powerful energy work than on any of my other audios. 

The main audible track starts and ends with powerful Filling Energy Work to raise your vibration and keep your energy filled with Pure Energies.

There is lots of floating energy work throughout the audio so the disconnecting can be done easily and to keep your vibration high after the disconnecting work has been done.


You will receive guidance emails once you purchase audio 1, advising you on how to get the most from this audio.

After a week you will receive an email with the link to purchase audio 2, and this will continue for the remaining audios 3, 4 and 5.

You can purchase audios 2-5 at your own pace, just keep the email links and buy when you are ready for the next audio. 

The program has been set up this way to help those having financial issues to afford the program, rather than a larger one off payment to have the complete program. 


If you have any questions about this program then please do email me: info@michellecarter.co.uk


Audio Format - mp3 download

Approx Length:

Audio 1 - 10 mins 54 seconds

Filling Going Deep - Free of Evil Audio - 6 mins 

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Customer Reviews

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S Lee
When you are under attack you really see what works and how much.

You're dark program and protection mp3's I have used for a very long time and I play them on silent at work or when I am sleeping and I cherish them like pure gold!!
When you are under attack you really see what works and how much.
These have been very powerful in my life and I thank you for creating all your wonderful programs and work!!