Float Clear Transmission
Michelle Carter - Divine Channel

Float Clear Transmission

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Feel Beautiful Floating Energies & Clear Your Energy 

Floating energy work feels so beautiful and Light! You will feel uplifted and in a calmer and higher energy after listening to this amazing Transmission!

A powerful transmission that floats and clears all releasing energies that are hanging around after doing releasing energy work, audios and live calls.


Float Clear Transmission

Using ‘Floating’ to clear the energies is very effective and powerful.

This audio works on 'Filling, Floating and Clearing' all energies releasing from your:

  • Mind
  • Heart
  • Soul
  • Physical Body
  • Spirit & Emotions
  • Energy Field
  • Whole of Your Being

You will feel much clearer and lighter after listening to this transmission, with any releasing symptoms floating and clearing away.  This transmission is beautiful to relax and listen to through headphones, but will also work to clear releasing energies when played on silent loop.

Audio - mp3 download, Approx - 11 mins 

My Clearing Audios

If you're not sure which Clearing audio is right for you then here is a short summary about them to help you decide!

Super Clearing, Float Clear Transmission Or Disconnecting From Releasing?

Audios Super Clearing Transmission and Float Clear do the same thing, but in a slightly different way. The Super Clearing is sending the energies to source so you don't feel them, Float Clear is raising (floating) you above these energies so you don't feel them. Both are good, so it is personal preference, Float Clear is newer than the Super Clearing.

Disconnecting from Releasing Symptoms is similar but it is also Disconnecting you from any matrixes, grids and webs that are causing and creating these releasing symptoms and healing crisis etc. So long term this is tackling the root cause rather than fixing it in the moment which the other two audios are doing, so this is the newest and most powerful, but you may have some releasing when you first listen to until the disconnecting has taken place.

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